Mental Health Awareness Month Keynote Speakers Event

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The Top 10 Canadian Keynote Speakers on Burnout, Resilience, and Growth Mindset

Mental Health Awareness Month is a crucial time to address the collective well-being of our communities. is proud to present a lineup of ten distinguished keynote and motivational speakers who will enlighten your event with their profound insights on burnout, resilience, and the growth mindset.

Jeff Adams: The Champion of Overcoming Adversity: Experience the invigorating story of Jeff Adams, a Paralympian who turned life’s challenges into triumphs. His journey from athlete to motivational speaker offers powerful lessons on resilience and the human spirit’s capacity to overcome.

Pamela Barnum: The Trust Architect: Dive into the world of nonverbal communication and trust-building with Pamela Barnum, a former undercover police officer. Her sessions provide practical strategies for fostering authentic connections in personal and professional realms.

Dr. Gillian Mandich: The Happiness Scholar: Dr. Mandich applies her scientific research on happiness to real-world scenarios, offering actionable advice on cultivating a joyful, resilient life. Her engaging talks are a blend of evidence-based practices and relatable anecdotes.

Dr. Dana Sinclair: The Performance Psychologist: Unlock the secrets of peak performance with Dr. Dana Sinclair, who specializes in the psychology of high achievers. Learn how to harness mental fortitude to navigate the pressures of modern life.

Dr. David Posen: The Stress-Busting Maestro: Dr. Posen, a stress management expert, delivers practical solutions for combating burnout and achieving work-life harmony. His approachable style makes complex concepts accessible to all audiences.

Jennifer Moss: The Workplace Well-Being Pioneer: Jennifer Moss takes you on a journey to transform organizational cultures, emphasizing psychological safety and resilience. Her insights are crucial for leaders looking to nurture healthy, thriving work environments. To read more about Jennifer Moss’ keynote speeches read here.

Pinball Clemons: The Inspirational Force: Be captivated by the dynamic Pinball Clemons, whose life story exemplifies the power of positivity and leadership. His talks leave audiences motivated to enact positive change in their lives and communities.

Judy Croon: The Laughter Therapist: Judy Croon combines humor with practical stress management techniques, proving that laughter can indeed be the best medicine. Her sessions are not only informative but incredibly entertaining.

Dr. Sean Hayes: The Growth Mindset Guru: Dr. Hayes explores the importance of a growth mindset in personal and professional development. His workshops are filled with insights on how

to embrace challenges and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Ann Douglas: The Parenting Expert: Ann Douglas provides invaluable guidance on nurturing resilience in families, offering strategies for parents to support their children’s mental health and well-being. Her compassionate approach resonates with audiences worldwide.

Bringing any of these ten esteemed keynote speakers to your Mental Health Awareness Month event promises to inspire, educate, and transform perspectives on mental health. Visit to book these incredible talents and make your event a landmark occasion in advocating for mental well-being.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a profound impact this Mental Health Awareness Month. Head over to now to secure a speaker who can elevate your event and empower your audience with lasting insights into burnout, resilience, and growth mindset. Together, let’s break the stigma and champion mental health.