Virtual Burnout Speaker Jennifer Moss – The Wellness Trends We’ve Seen in 2021 heading into 2022

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Jennifer Moss Professional Speaker addresses burnout during the COVID Pandemic

As we head into the first few weeks of 2022, we wanted to revisit this article where virtual keynote speaker Jennifer talks about the various ways we tried to battle boredom, feel productive, deal with social isolation, and handle uncertainty during the pandemic. As we tried home organization, spa days, and emptying our Netflix queues, we did find some self-care tools that will carry through into the years ahead.

Here are four 2021 wellness trends we’ve seen from the survival skills we leveraged in 2020.

Baking and Breaking Bread

The Joys of the Great Outdoors

New Ways to Access Healthcare

New Ways of Managing Self-Care at Home and Work

Last year forced us to reflect on our real priorities. We’ve been working at unsustainable levels for years, and this last year had a hugely negative impact on the workforce. Burnout is terrifyingly high.

It wasn’t easy, and because of that, we had to build in solutions to get us through. We had to adapt and survive. But in all the bad, we are hopeful that we can still find the good. Last year’s pain has now given us the self-care tools to heal in 2022 and beyond.

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