5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Speaker for Your Virtual Event

With many conferences and events pivoting to virtual right now, event planners are working overtime to make sure their digital event programming is packed with premium content. But what about those valuable extras that attendees come to an event to experience, such as high-profile speakers and entertainers? As with live events, quality virtual keynote presentations can help transform virtual events … Read More

The Best Virtual Celebrity Keynote Speakers to Make Your Event Pop

Virtual Celebrity Keynote Speaker, Virtual Speakers’ Bureau, Celebrity Events

Want to know how to make your virtual event a memorable one? Booking a celebrity keynote speaker to address your team or company on your next Zoom meeting call can do the trick. Virtual celebrity events allow team members the chance to interact more closely with their favorite actor, athlete, or icon through direct chat questions and moderated Q&As. At … Read More

30 Virtual Event Stats and Information You Need to Know in 2020

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Virtual events have been increasing in popularity for a while, but the social distancing requirements of COVID-19 have pushed them front and center. ProSpeakers.com is working with many organizations than ever that are experimenting with taking everything from their general membership meetings to their fundraising galas online. But how is it going? What challenges are we facing, and what lessons have … Read More

As a Virtual Presenter, Should You Use Standard Backgrounds for Virtual Events?

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Are you tired of using a home office as your online background for keynote presentations? If you’re a virtual keynote speaker presenting to audiences online, a home office might be your only studio. It’s understandable after presenting from the same location for months, you might feel a need to shake things up by adding virtual backgrounds to your online conference … Read More

Nick Nurse awarded NBA Coach of the Year – hire him to virtually motivate your staff

Nick Nurse awarded NBA Coach of the Year – Hire Nick Nurse to Virtually motivate your staff – Raptors Virtual Keynotes

Nick Nurse, the head coach of the reigning champion Toronto Raptors, has been selected the NBA’s coach of the year, the league announced Saturday. Nurse led the Raptors, who lost star Kawhi Leonard in free agency, to the second-best record in the NBA, surpassing preseason expectations for Toronto. Nurse, who was named the developmental league coach of the year in 2011, is the … Read More

3 Reasons Why Virtual Events Are Here To Stay

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The live event industry has never experienced such a dramatic change. With venues, theatres and international travel put on hold, the future seems bleak. Luckily, we all have technology on our side …with on ongoing virtual meetings and presentation. From Zoom bombers to online concerts, virtual events rocked our world! Virtual keynote events are now here to stay. Here are … Read More

Benefits of working With ProSpeakers: A Virtual Speakers Bureau

Virtual events are all the rage in the age of COVID-19. Most in-person speaking events have gravitated online. You may already be familiar with speakers’ bureaus. Speakers bureaus are an events/entertainment organization that helps connect keynote speakers and entertainers with organizations for events that take place at conferences, companies, and workshops. However, you may not be familiar with “virtual” speakers’ … Read More

Maintaining Mental Health During Covid by Dr Gillian Mandich

Watch ProSpeakers.com newest Virtual Keynote Speaker Dr Gillian Mandich how she explains how you can keep on top of your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. https://globalnews.ca/video/6701366/maintaining-mental-health-during-covid-19-pandemic Dr. Gillian Mandich has a PhD from Western University in Health Science, specializing in Health Promotion. Her primary areas of research are happiness and health, and her work combines the latest research, practical … Read More

NHL 2020 – Hire an NHL Virtual Keynote Speaker for your next client event

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The NHL Playoffs are scheduled to start on August 1st in Toronto and Edmonton and regardless of the changes it is a beloved time for hockey fans everywhere! The cool arenas are ablaze with heated rivalries. Go [insert your favorite team here]! ProSpeakers.com’s Virtual keynote Speaker roster includes many hockey greats. From the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Cassie Campbell, Ron Ellis, Trevor Linden … Read More

Top Virtual Conferences and Meeting Theme Ideas during Covid

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As a leading Canadian speakers bureau, clients ask them to help them link together their event themes with a Virtual keynote speaker. For this reason, we specialize in pairing events and conferences with the perfect keynote speaker, but we can also help clients with what themes and topics are the most relevant and appealing for audiences. Surveying the events, we … Read More