Pamela Barnum

Virtual Keynote Speaker

Trust Strategist and Nonverbal Communication Expert

Virtual Keynote SpeakerPamela Barnum, Trust Strategist and Nonverbal Communication Expert
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Imagine what it would be like to live as a different person with a different name, identity, and background. Working for months at a time with dangerous people, and your success depended on establishing trust.

That’s precisely what Pamela Barnum did for years working undercover in the Drug Enforcement Section. She learned real-world techniques for building trust and interpreting body language.

When Pamela left policing she accepted a position as a federal prosecuting attorney, spending countless hours in the courtroom, perfecting her nonverbal communication and trust-building techniques. Following a successful 20-year career in the criminal justice system, Pamela studied corporate negotiations in graduate school. Now, she shares her expertise with others, teaching them invaluable  communication skills to build trust, improve relationships, and increase influence.

Pamela has been a featured trust strategist and body language expert, contributing to print media, radio, and television news programs.

Her TEDx Talk, “What Drug Dealers Taught Me About Trust,” was viewed more than 400,000 times in the first year.

Pamela is a sought after speaker for both live and virtual events.

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Speaking Topics

CRACK THE CODE: 3D Negotiation Strategies for Powerful Results

Most of our communication is nonverbal, and we miss more than half of the conversation when we ignore what is not being said. Learn the secret second language reserved for communication experts and law enforcement to communicate confidence, elevate influence, and improve negotiation outcomes.

  • Display calm confidence in every situation. Learn when to move toward, not away from, difficult conversations, making them less stressful and more productive.
  • Decode nonverbal cues with certainty. Understand what is being said, regardless of the words used, resulting in better negotiation outcomes.
  • Deliver results with greater accuracy using science-backed techniques. Confidently assess verbal and nonverbal misrepresentation indicators, bluffing, and lies in real-time.

TACTICAL INFLUENCE: The Art of Persuasion

Most of our communication is nonverbal, yet we spend much of our time focused on crafting the perfect words to negotiate, influence, and sell. We see, but we do not observe. Learn to master the art of persuasion without coercion. Using undercover techniques backed by research, learn how to influence outcomes critical to long-term success.

  • Authentically leverage talents with intentional communication cues for increased collaboration and quicker decisions. Showcase your genius with humility and conviction in every interaction.
  • React confidently and maintain a solid executive presence in times of uncertainty. Notice essential details in the blink of an eye, turning information into insight.
  • Target the desired outcome with precision using the three-stage formula favored by undercover officers. Discover how to use fear and doubt to supercharge insight and eliminate uncertainty.

TRUST Starts with You: A Blueprint for Excellence

Trust is in crisis, and earning trust has never been more imperative than it is now. Trust reducesrisk, improves culture, and increases innovation to prepare for an uncertain future. Master the five qualities that set trusted leaders apart from the rest:

  • Transparent communication. Learn how to establish stability and security in times of uncertainty without overcommunicating or micromanaging.
  • Respect for self and others. Discover how best to use emotional intelligence in life's most challenging moments.
  • Unimpeachable decisiveness. People do not trust the indecisive or constant change in direction. Learn proven strategies to take you and your team from chaos to cohesion.
  • Self-confidant communication cues that increase rapport and decrease conflict anywhere, anytime.
  • Tact and compassion. Why these traits are scientifically proven to inspire your people to take risks and push beyond their self-imposed limits.

“Pamela Barnum provided a keynote presentation for our FUBCON event at the Chelsea Theater in Las Vegas, and she was nothing short of amazing! Her energy, stage presentation and strong intellect were front & center from the moment she stepped on stage. She mesmerized the audience with her insights, data points and imagery that resonated with each and every viewer. She has the uncanny ability to keep the audience on the edge of their seats while simultaneously laughing and going, "AHA" that makes so much sense! I'd definitely recommend Pamela Barnum to anyone looking to give their audience something to not only think about, but to apply in their everyday lives.”
Stacey Soleil, Head of Community & Industry Relations, Follow Up Boss Inc.

"Pamela's life experience provides her a unique depth of knowledge, making it easily applicable to many industries and people. She communicates in a friendly, compelling manner which is both  accessible and demonstrates her wide-ranging expertise. She is a delight to work with and learn from!"
Michelle Perreault, Senior Professional Development Advisor, Alberta Real Estate

"Pamela Barnum was incredibly fun and exceeded our already high expectations! The audience was fully engaged and LOVED her! The feedback on her body language presentation was incredible and any organization would be blown away by the knowledge, education, and expertise she brings to an event."
Ariana Kane, Event Planner - The Shin Dig

"Pamela, thank you for being one of our 2020 Winter Summit speakers. Here are some of the comments by attendees at your session:
Very engaging great stories with tie-in!
This was my favourite session. Pamela was engaging and dynamic the entire session. She gave some great anecdotal stories, had the room participate in questions. Fantastic!
One of my favourite sessions ever!
Excellent session. Definitely the best for me.
She was awesome! Very engaging... liked the audience participation and storeytelling.
Fantastic stories! Super engaging and relatable."
Tracy Blyth, CAE, CSAE

"Really enjoyed your session at the ACFE conference! Absolutely excellent, very much appreciate you sharing your expertise with us, so many good takeaways to practice in really any conversation, especially interviews!"
Mike D'Alessandro, CHC, CFE CPA