Bob Gray

Bob Gray, Communications Speaker, Profile Image

You have just been introduced to a group of 5 people, all potential clients, and two minutes later…you can’t remember any of their names.

A client asks you for certain product information. Not quite sure of the answer, you offer, “Let me look that up, and I’ll get back to you.” Then you forget to follow up.

Bill Carr

Bill Carr, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, Profile Image

Bill Carr is an actor, award winning satirist, writer, speaker and coach. For over twenty-­‐five years, Bill has been making people laugh at what’s trivial while helping them think deeply about what counts. Bill helps people see their world in new and exciting ways. His unique blend of humour and insight inspires laughter and consideration. He works with audiences from 12 to 1200 and beyond and offers them a fresh perspective on what they face everyday.

Barry Kennedy

Barry Kennedy, Entertainment and Comedy Speaker, Profile Image

Former fighter pilot flies again…but this time the thrill comes from making people laugh. After growing up in Winnipeg, graduating from Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, following which he was an Air Force pilot in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Québec and on Vancouver Island, Barry Kennedy had the opportunity to suss out our great land even before he started acting and doing stand-up comedy in every nook and cranny Canada has to offer.