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In 1994, Cameron Hughes got up out of his seat at an Ottawa Senators game and spontaneously pumped up the fans into an inspired frenzy. What started out as a gag soon turned into a full-time career as a "Sports Entertainer," speaker and television host.

To date, Cameron has entertained nearly 10 million fans across North America in stadiums and arenas of all sizes. He has performed at nearly 1,000 live events at stadiums and arenas across North America for teams in 24 different leagues and was the official crowd animator for 25 hockey events at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. He was a huge hit at the 2011 US Tennis Open in New York City, and his antics inspired Novak Djokovic to dance at centre court, followed by a post-game dance-off that hit over 100 million impressions worldwide.

Cameron was the voice of the award winning Labatt Blue "Out of the Blue" radio advertising campaign that lasted from 1998-2001 and hosted 2 seasons of "Game Face", a sports comedy series on The Comedy Network in Canada. As the Series host, he interviewed top athletes such as Steve Nash, Michael Andretti, Vince Carter, and Rob Blake, charming viewers with his charisma and comedic ways. He also hosted the CFL's Grey Cup live on TSN in Canada, and performed to a sold out crowd of 68,000 boisterous fans.

Cameron lost his mother to breast cancer in 1988 at the peak of his high school career, indirectly inspiring him to become school president, athlete and community leader. After a very "interesting " university career as an active student leader, entrepreneur and Mr. Spirit, Cameron has been asked to be the keynote speaker for Bishop University's Orientation Day for the last 10 years.

Cameron has spoken to over 300,000 students across Canada and the U.S. at inspirational pep rallies, is a keynote speaker for corporate sales seminars and hosts a charitable event each year called "For the Love of Breasts," a fundraiser for breast cancer research that has raised over $350,000 for breast cancer groups.

Cameron's infectious energy works not only in arenas, but in boardrooms, college halls and schools. He has motivated employees at many top corporations, from Pepsi to Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

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Cameron tells the unique story of how he became a professional sports fan while leading interactive games with the audience. The program is full of emotion and amazing life stories that will leave your attendees "cheering" for life! Everyone will be up dancing, clapping, cheering, and sharing massive energy with each other... Cameron can also take your key initiatives and develop strategies to ignite your employees through his keynote program or crowd energizer sessions.


School Leadership Seminar:

Cameron's presentations focus on student involvement (athletics, arts and activities), finding a balance in school, achieving goals, searching and living your dreams, and living life to its fullest! He will have students and staff literally dancing in the aisles and on the stage. He uses his own life story of just getting up and going for it to make each student feel more comfortable with where they fit in!


Host for Sporting Events


MC for Pep Rallies & Special Events


"You did a great job during our kick-off meetings. Your energy and enthusiasm helped make our meetings a great success." - President, Coca-Cola

"Our Gala show hosts owe a lot to Cameron, because night after night he delivered them a hot audience to play to. Seeing what Cameron did with our usual moribund audiences, I now believe that if I tossed him into a cemetery, he could actually raise the dead." - President, Just for Laughs

"Cameron Hughes knows how to work a room like few people I've ever met in my life. He had our entire room dancing, clapping, cheering and at the edge of their seats holding on to each word. His ability to communicate and inspire this age group (19-24) is simply outstanding." - Eagle University

"Cameron did a one-hour presentation, including lots of amusing anecdotal stories, audience interaction and a great video (unfortunately, our sound system was not working very well, but the students were quite and listening carefully.) His spirit for life is contagious, and the students were enthralled. He had a real knack for involving everyone, and by the end of the presentation, he had both students and teachers alike dancing in front of the cheering crowd." - Joanne Envers, St Catharines

"Cameron's ability to reach the students on their level is unparalleled. He quickly makes it clear that he does not take himself too seriously, while at the same time effectively conveying the message that "anything is possible" if you are willing to try and try again, and again, and again." - Bishop's College School