Walter Gretzky

Walter Gretzky, Sports Speaker, Father of the Great One, Profile Image

Walter Gretzky, father of The Great One, is an ordinary man who, from humble beginnings and against the odds of a devastating illness to lead an extraordinary life.

To many people, Walter Gretzky is the ultimate dad, and the first inspired coach to a talented young boy. Walter’s major insight into hockey, that a player should “go where the puck is going”- guided Wayne’s brilliant style.

Tony Quinn

Tony Quinn, Entertainment and Comedy Speaker, Comedian, Musician, Profile Image

Tony Quinn can best be described as a renaissance entertainer. He is one of the very few who can accomplish all that he does – alone on stage. Best known for his innovative and unique style of musical comedy, his customized performances have made Tony a favourite at conferences, conventions and after dinner speaking events. His fast paced comedy and music, impersonations and musical treats, together with his quick wit and improvisation, have made audiences laugh for over twenty years.

Taylor Kaye

Taylor Kaye, Entertainment and Comedy Speaker, Lifestyle Expert, Profile Image

Taylor Kaye is a national TV and Radio Personality and lifestyle expert. She was on the Steven and Chris show which aired on CBC and around the world on other networks for 9 years.

Taylor also appeared as the weekend entertainment reporter on City TV while working at KiSS 92.5. Currently, you can hear her live in Toronto on 104.5 CHUM FM and online on Youtube.

Simon Cotter

Simon Cotter, Entertainment and Comedy Speaker, Corporate, Profile Image

After a climbing the corporate ladder in his real estate career, Simon B. Cotter turned to comedy, where he has found just as much success.

He has performed at the Just For Laughs Festival, appeared on numerous CBC-TV Galas, CBC’s Comics! as well as CTV/The Comedy Network’s Comedy Now!. Internationally Simon has enjoyed success on A&E’s Evening at the Improv, The Comedy Store TV Show (UK), LIVE at Jongleurs (UK) and the BBC’s The Stand Up Show.

Scotty Bowman

Scotty Bowman, Adventure and Sports Speaker, NHL, Profile Image

A larger-than-life figure, Scotty Bowman is the “winningest” coach in NHL history. Bowman has made 28 total playoff appearances and won nine Stanley Cups in all. He has won the NHL Championship with three different teams, a feat that has not been matched by any other coach in the NHL, NFL, NBA or MLB. He is a living legend in the world of professional sports.

Scott Christopher

Scott Christopher, Business Management and Organization Speaker, Profile Image

Scott Christopher is co-author of the best-selling The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up, the upcoming People People: How To Thrive Among Humans and contributing author of The Daily Carrot Principle and A Carrot A Day.

Ron MacLean

Ron MacLean, Adventure and Sports Speaker, CBC, Profile Image

Ron MacLean is best known as the straight man on Coach’s Corner, the listener, and some might argue the voice of reason that saves Don Cherry from getting a puck in the head.

Rod Black

Rod Black, Sportscaster, CTV, TSN, Profile Image

In his distinguished 26 years of covering the wide world of sport, Rod Black has virtually done it all.

From the Blue Jays to the CFL, the Raptors to figure skating, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, tennis, golf, boxing, and of course the Olympics, Canada’s most versatile broadcaster has had a front row seat to observe and call all of sport’s major events.

Robert Rochon

Robert Rochon, Business Management and Organization Speaker, Master of Persuasion, Profile Image

Robert Rochon is an Organization Development Consultant working with MPC.

His expertise assists clients in creating training and development solutions to meet their needs, as well as the needs of their employees.

Susan Stewart

Susan Stewart profile image

Susan Stewart is a comedian, author, and speaker who shares the art and practice of seeing the lighter side of life. Susan is the author of “Reaching The Laugh Resort” and “Your New Lenses Are Ready For Pick Up: A Guide To Seeing The Lighter Side Of Life”. Susan is also the co-author of “From The Stage To The Page: Life Lessons From Four Funny Ladies.” You can learn more about Susan at