Top Virtual Conferences and Meeting Theme Ideas during Covid

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As a leading Canadian speakers bureau, clients ask them to help them link together their event themes with a Virtual keynote speaker. For this reason, we specialize in pairing events and conferences with the perfect keynote speaker, but we can also help clients with what themes and topics are the most relevant and appealing for audiences. Surveying the events, we provided keynote speakers for within the last few months during Covid, we have put together a list of some of our favorite hot virtual speaking topics for your upcoming online events and conference.

Leading through Adversity & Leadership

This theme seems to apply to everyone in the year 2020. It’s safe to say any industry would benefit from attending an event where the focus is leading through adversity. Whether your keynote speeches include crisis management or a lesson in emotional intelligence for leaders, there is something there for everyone.

Diversity & Inclusion

With this current moment in history where racial inequalities are being exposed, businesses are turning to experts in diversity and inclusion to help them turn a page and explore their role in this new, more equitable landscape. This topic is wide enough to address everything from discovering personal biases to microaggressions in the workplace to building new processes that are more inclusive.

Accountability & Betting on Yourself

In times of uncertainty allow people to believe in themselves. By creating personal accountability in a time of great distance and freedom your team can build strong, lasting trust and reliance. While this is crucial for remote work, it also creates more cohesive teams who can fall back on each other in times of need.

Building World-Class Teams

In the last 3 months, your team has only seen each other through a computer screen. Unfortunately, your business isn’t on hold until everyone can return to their offices. So you’ll need to create a culture that persists through virtual conferencing and can withstand any distance.

 Emotional Intelligence & Stress Management

This encompasses stress management, understanding your emotions and stress, and then controlling them. Being the calm person will make or break your career in times of difficulty. Acknowledging your feelings and working through them may be the key to staying level headed.


Give your audience a tutorial on how to bounce back better than ever. Whether you listen to real-life stories of resilience like Karina Leblanc keynote speech or employ Canadian military techniques for never giving up like keynote speaker and retired general  Rick Hillier shares, your audience will be inspired to continue giving you their best effort.