Are you hosting a Company town hall on working from home and caring for your kids during the Covid-19 Crisis? …Feature parenting author and radio columnist Ann Douglas presenting for your online virtual event.

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Parenting doesn’t happen in a bubble. As parents, we can’t help but be affected by what’s happening in the wider world. Is it any wonder then that so many of us are feeling anxious, guilty, and overwhelmed right now? In this thought-provoking virtual conversation, parenting author Ann Douglas will acknowledge the challenges during the Covid 19 crisis that we are facing in this moment and invite you and your colleagues to share strategies and solutions for weathering this storm. Expect an online conversation that is kind, encouraging, and real and that leaves you feeling anything but alone.

You’ll learn…

  • how to calm yourself and calm your child
  • how to parent in a way you can feel good about and that will actually strengthen your relationship with your child
  • how to give yourself permission to be a gloriously imperfect parent and to give you kid permission to be a gloriously imperfect kid.

Ann Douglas is the weekend parenting columnist for CBC Radio and the author of several bestselling books about parenting, including The Mother of All Pregnancy Books. Her most recent books are Happy Parents, Happy Kids and Parenting through the Storm.

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