Top Virtual Conference Keynote Speakers and Top Webinar Presenters

Virtual conferences zoom conferences and webinars are a perfect way to host events when your team is working from home due to the Covid-19 Crisis. These events can also be more interactive with the use of online questions and polls. Whether you are looking to host a virtual conference, convert a live conference to virtual, or do both, below are … Read More

Are you hosting a Company town hall on working from home and caring for your kids during the Covid-19 Crisis? …Feature parenting author and radio columnist Ann Douglas presenting for your online virtual event.

Parenting doesn’t happen in a bubble. As parents, we can’t help but be affected by what’s happening in the wider world. Is it any wonder then that so many of us are feeling anxious, guilty, and overwhelmed right now? In this thought-provoking virtual conversation, parenting author Ann Douglas will acknowledge the challenges during the Covid 19 crisis that we are facing in this … Read More

Had a taste of working from home? Here’s why you might consider it long-term

People lucky enough to be able to work remotely have been making the transition from the office to their home during the coronavirus pandemic. Here to help with the change is tech expert Marc Saltzman. Marc and all our speakers are available to address your employees virtually to help them through the transition. Contact us directly for details at … Read More

Can Quarantines be Productive? What to do During a Crisis.

Our Innovation expert Josh Linkner has some thoughts on how to make this potential down time more productive. Take a read of his newest comments: Just before every flight departs, the safety announcement offers a specific instruction: “In the event of an emergency, please secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.” We’ve heard it so many times that we … Read More

COVID-19: How to get through the next few months.

Business during COVID-19

Wise words from one of our most experienced business speakers Donald Cooper. As I write this Blog, thousands of businesses are shutting down for a month or more. Hundreds of thousands of events, schools, vacations, gatherings and regular business hours are being cancelled. But, if we commit to being our ‘best selves’ throughout this mess, relationships will not be cancelled, … Read More