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Renowned Emergency Doctor and Covid-19 Expert

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Dr. David Carr is an Associate Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto.  He is an Emergency Physician and Clinical Investigator at the University Health Network and Mackenzie Health Hospital.  He served as the Assistant Director of Risk Management at Faculty Development at University Health Network.  He is a Senior Medical Consultant at the Medcan Clinic. He has extensive experience as an expert witness with the CMPA and various Plaintiff firms, having reviewed over 100 files.

Dr. Carr was the keynote speaker at the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association 2020 Malpractice conference.  He has been the recipient of multiple Undergraduate and Post Graduate Clinical Teaching awards. During the Baseball season, he works at the Rogers Centre as the Medical director of Stadium Medicine for the Toronto Blue Jays.  In 2010, he pursued his passions serving as an ER physician in the Athletes' Village for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Dr. David Carr is also a world recognized speaker and leading medical resource. He has been on the front lines as an emergency physician, and a father of three teenagers. He can help your organization answer the burning questions: How do we reintegrate in the business space?  How does the economy open-up?

He is also available to talk to your employees about how to get their families re-integrated after the Covid-19 lockdown, if you're asking: When can we hug our parents?  When can our kids hang with friends? What is the emotional toll of Covid and what are the mental health aspects that have and will follow? How will school and University look this fall?

Dr. David Carr is available to speak to your employees on a virtual platform.

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What it's like to look after COVID-19 patients and lessons learned. The evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak from the eyes of a front line emergency physician. Hard lessons learned from the front lines of COVID-19. A discussion about the epidemiology of Covid 19 and what we should expect and where are we going. Dr David Carr can answer all your employees questions about the Covid 19 outbreak.


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What have we learned? How will we adapt? Innovation and the unanticipated successes.


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