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Doug Keeley is a globally recognized communicator and trainer; a master storyteller, musician, and self-professed “leadership junkie”.

After graduating from music school, Doug started a marketing and communications company, ICE. For two decades he travelled the world working with Fortune 500 corporations. It became clear to him that leadership was the differentiator in business, and that storytelling was being lost as strategic skill.

In 2004, he created The Mark of a Leader, designed to inspire new thinking in the workforce about leadership, engagement, and corporate culture. The premise of their work is that stories are the glue that shape behavior, forge culture, and ultimately impact performance.

Today Doug and his team keynote and MC conferences, run workshops on a variety of subjects, and equip a new generation of leaders and sales people with their storytelling training programs.

Doug has written a book of inspiring stories, authored many magazine features and columns, and been interviewed many times on radio and television. He is an inductee in the Meetings & Incentive Travel Hall of Fame.

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Speaking Topics

The Mark of a Leader

In this presentation, Doug explores Five Level Leadership: how, when human beings are fully engaged on all five of our levels (Spirit, Imagination, Intellect, Heart, Hands), there is virtually nothing we cannot do. The program can be used to create an unforgettable keynote, or facilitate an event, interspersing amazing stories throughout and customizing the messages to your specific audience and needs.

Five-Level Leadership

This hands-on workshop shows how the principles of Five Level Leadership have been implemented by successful companies around the world. We then challenge and work with audiences to discuss how to bring these ideas to life in their own environment. This workshop uses video examples extensively, and is a mix of leader-led presentation and audience interaction.


The Art of Business

In this session, Doug and a team of experienced artists first introduce the audience to basic visual expression skills, before teams work together to create theme-based artwork. Typically, works express ideas about the audience's market, challenges or opportunities, competitive pressures, the future, and so on. This session stretches participants as they function outside their comfort zones to create art, to work as teams, and to communicate abstract ideas. It is an incredibly powerful, hands-on session which produces powerful insights into your business and how your people work together. 


Comedy & Communication

One of the most beloved leadership stories that Doug shares is that of Second City, the most successful training ground in the world for young comics. In this workshop, we tell the hilarious story of Second City's success, highlighting many of the communication and leadership skills which they employ. We then lead the audience through a basic comedy improv exercise which dramatically (and hysterically) illustrates the challenges of day-to-day communication, and provides insights into being better listeners and communicators.


Recent Publications by Doug Keeley

The Mark of a Leader


"Doug Keeley and his inspiring modules on Leadership helped make our recent conference a huge success and were amongst the highest rated elements of the event. His ability to connect with our audience by motivating, illuminating, inspiring, and entertaining really helped illustrate what sets great leaders and great brands apart." Marketing Manager, Gatorade, Pepsi-QTG Canada

"We run meetings annually where we plan our business and The Mark of a Leader was by far the best annual meeting we've had in the last decade. The reason was that it galvanized our people to make commitments beyond what they were initially prepared to commit. It was money very, very well spent." Mandrake

"It was the single highest rated element of the whole meeting. I think 95% of the people said "Strongly Agree’ or "Agree’ that The Mark of a Leader was fantastic-I would highly recommend this program to other companies thinking about how to get all their different employees to really focus and drive together. It’s a great program." CIM

"It's a great way to create a language and a theme and a focus. And I also like the way it is modular and is packaged, allowing you to develop it and install it as a system throughout the year to keep the rope tied." President, PEO Inc.

"I think it is an extraordinary product, and an incredible investment, and I would highly recommend The Mark of a Leader to anyone planning just about any type of meeting." Capital C

"The thing about The Mark of a Leader is that it is not like anything else you have seen. When you come to a conference you expect the same old presentations and information. The Mark of a Leader is a whole different ballgame. Not only does it reinforce the initial messages of the conference, but then it takes it to a further level to ask 'what can you do as a person? What can you do to make your mark?" Frito Lay

"From the initial meeting, the preparatory sessions, the rehearsals in Mexico, the delivery of each session through to the grand finale, you were polished and energetic. This translated very effectively into focusing the audience on the task at hand and had everyone very upbeat about the changes we were introducing. Many people in the audience told me how important a role you played and how your messages touched them personally and professionally. Thanks again for your significant contribution to our success." Scotiabank

"A great conference at a fraction of the cost of producing original materials." National Bank Financial

"As you know, the challenge for recognition programs is coming up with something new and inspiring every year. The Mark of a Leader was both. It was fun, and motivational, and helped us create a whole new agenda structure. Foresters