Tracy Moore: Ending Racism: What Will it Take?

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Over the past couple of weeks, many people have been asking themselves how to be an ally in the fight against racial injustice. Cityline’s Tracy Moore joined CityNews to share advice on how to be a true ally not only today, but far into the future so we can see real change.

How do you make space for those experiences that we’re not hearing about and have no validity in the mainstream because no one’s listening and no one’s believing?

Watch Tracy’s powerful interview on City TV here:

Tracy Moore will also host a National one-hour special from Rogers Sports and Media, aims to continue the conversation in the fight to eliminate racism. This prime-time show examines the events that sparked protests around the world and takes a sobering look at systemic racism and injustices in Canada. It also features thought-leaders from across Canada who will share their unique experiences with systemic discrimination and their views on how all Canadians can advocate for impactful change.

Ending Racism: What Will it Take? will air on Thursday, June 11 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Sportsnet. Canadians can also watch and stream the prime-time special at 7 p.m. local time on CityTvV OMNI Television, Rogers TV community stations and Rogers Radio news websites.

From athletes to activists, guest contributors to Ending Racism: What Will It Take? will include:

  • Akim Aliu– Professional hockey player, member of the Hockey Diversity Alliance
  • Michael Bach – Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion founder and CEO
  • Donovan Bailey – Olympic gold medallist, five-time World Champion, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Cicely Belle Blain – Black Lives Matter Vancouver co-founder, diversity consultant
  • Orlando Bowen – Former Toronto Argonauts linebacker, motivational speaker
  • Andray Domise – Journalist, contributor to Maclean’s magazine
  • Wes Hall – Kingsdale Advisors executive chairman
  • Idil Issa – La Foundation Parole des Femmes vice-president
  • Sheila North – Former MKO Grand Chief, Indigenous advocate