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Bill Graham


Bill Graham Speaker Video

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Bill Graham

The Art of Storytelling - Communications Expert

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Bill Graham's Speaker Programs:

  • Let Me Tell You a Story...
    How many times have you sat through a boring presentation that you can't remember the next day? We don't remember data and facts; we remember emotional connections- stories. We all know good storytellers. Storytellers make a memorable, lasting impression. How do they do it? It's easy. This presentation will help you become a storyteller that helps your customers, clients, constituents and company. Using stories, Bill breaks down storytelling into simple achievable steps so you can tell your own successful stories.
  • Making the Connection
    As a keynote or seminar, this fun presentation breaks down the communication tools necessary to make difference to the lives of any audience, personal or professional, of 1 or a 1000.
  • Leadership and Likeability
    "I don't care if they like me!" Managers use personnel supervision to manage systems. Leaders use personal communication to inspire people. Stop acting like a professional and start acting like a human being. Adjusting your perspective can change your outcome. This presentation helps you identify your dream and motivate your team.

Bill Graham's Testimonials:

"I was amazed at how effective it can be to present a message by using your storytelling techniques. I was walking on clouds at the reception because so many powerful people, who I've always held in very high regard, came up to me and told me that my story had a big impact on them. One of our good customers has a sign in their lobby that says 'When you walk through these doors, most people won't remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.' With your techniques, it is possible to make people feel good about you and have them remember what you said!" Royal Products

"Bill Graham is a great speaker for any group. His "likeability" message resonates with sales pros and beginners, corporate leaders, as well as spouses in the group. His message helps people in their daily and professional lives. In fact, it has helped me many times personally, specifically in negotiating a large contract a few months ago. Bill teaches his audience the value of "storytelling" so clearly that it has created some memorable unscripted moments at the meetings. His experience in "messaging and the media" is unique and exceptional. I look forward to having him back with us soon." American Machine Tool Distributors Association

"Even with many years of oral presentation experience, each time I work with Bill Graham, I learn new ways for our presentations to be more effective, memorable, easier and more gratifying to deliver. Best yet, we've seen Bill's coaching work effectively for both novice and seasoned presenters." DMJM H&N

"Bill Graham is that rare instructor who actually gets people thinking. Bill makes the abstract idea of storytelling concrete. He shares tools that turn classic theory into sound constructive advice. I use his theories with my writing staff every day." Co-Headwriter, Days of Our Lives, NBC

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Bill Graham speaker video