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Sam Geist is no idle armchair philosopher; his insights stem from years of front-line business experience. He grew his single sporting goods store into a 15-store $40 million a year national chain before he sold it to a competitor. He opened a marketing and consulting agency based on the full-service customer concepts he had honed in the retail arena, and discovered his true calling when his clients began asking him to speak to their clients.

Sam's early business roots taught him well about our volatile, ever-changing marketplace. His experiences provide him with an invaluable dual perspective both as client and marketer. Sam questions. He challenges. He informs. He refocuses participants. He provides actionable strategies to address the obstacles faced by so many of today's organizations.

Sam has written Why Should Someone Do Business With You- Rather Than Someone Else? - an interactive book on business strategy that has assisted thousands of marketers to re-view, renew and move ahead of the marketplace. His second book, Would You Work for You? is a thought-provoking guide that encourages leaders to better see themselves, their relationships and their skills to enable them to lead their organizations effectively. He has also written two short business guides.

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Speaking Topics

The Wake Up Call

This interactive session is specially designed for the insurance industry. Business rules have changed; by program's end, participants will have discussed: how to grow your book; the value of selling deep and wide; how to leverage the talent you have; how to leverage new technology to get and keep customers; how to add value to the chain; and how to grow a company of leaders.


Developing 20/20 Insight

As you are well aware, the ability to see the big picture, anticipate external trends and adapt accordingly takes skill. But since this ability creates such huge opportunity, it is well worth acquiring. "Developing 20/20 Insight," outlines a six step process of answering the questions that will take you forward.


Differentiate-Or Die

There is no better time than right now to adopt a bold plan... to take a firm stand to differentiate yourself and your organization from your competitors. Geist discusses how to use differentiation to grow your organization, enhance your profitability, and keep customers loyal.


Execute or Be Executed: Twenty One Ways to Move Talk into Action

This program outlines an effective response to the external marketplace environment, offering strategies to lead rather than follow. It highlights a customer value strategy whose primary premise is "taking action" and provides a strategic perspective that encourages employees to make a commitment and empowers them to act.


If I Hear Customer Services One More Time, I'll---

Sam outlines strategies that ensure exceptional service is rendered in the territory that really counts...the three feet between you and your customer. Since service occupies no shelf space, needs no inventory and is never stale dated, Sam illustrates why "service" is really your only profit center.


Would You Work For You?

Does that question cause you a little discomfort? A bit of anxiety? Would you go into the trenches for you... every day -- and be happy about it? Does your self-awareness, your leadership skills, your values and vision inspire followership--or do they encourage dreams of escape? No matter whether you are a leader of many, a leader of a few or a leader of only yourself, effective leadership is a major element in both personal and business success.


You Pay Bills with Dollars...Not Percentages

This program highlights GMROI, outlines its benefits, and provides hands-on instruction in its calculation and application to specific categories. Whether you are a veteran or a rookie, use it to assist you identify and evaluate whether the desired gross margin is being earned by your inventory.


"Your message is very reminded us that while planning and intentions are all very good, the ultimate reward goes to those who execute most effectively. In order to achieve what we are trying to accomplish we must have higher performance standards and expectations than ever before. Your message gives us clarity about the tasks ahead. Thank you for your passion around your subject, and willingness to challenge all of us toward a higher level of performance." VP - Agency, State Farm Insurance

"The feedback we received clearly indicates that your presentation was a great success!... Your inspirational style and motivational energy was contagious, leaving us refreshed and revitalized." Toronto Dominion Bank

"Our sales team and BioGuard Dealers were extremely pleased with the relevant, applicable and customized information that you provided.....There were many 'takeaways' from your talk that the dealers could put into practice immediately. It excited and energized them from the beginning of the conference to the end. The excitement that you created had a direct effect on our sales goals for the conference which we exceeded by a considerable margin." BioLab Inc.