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Stephen Bauld is a public speaker on the international stage and co-author of The Municipal Procurement Handbook (two editions) and Leadership, Or The Lack Thereof.

Bauld is recognized as Canada's authoritative expert in the field of government procurement, preparation of construction documents and leadership training. His custom-made programs are designed to target problems or areas of concern related to tendering private and public sector contracts. His experience for the past four years as the Vice President of the Ontario General Contractors' Association, has given him clear insight into understanding both sides of industry issues. Contractors and governments working together, result in a tremendous cost saving to government agencies and a greater confidence for contractors to bid on government work.

Stephen has over 37 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. He was a member on the board of the Ontario Institute of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, President of the Hamilton and District PMAC, and serves on the editorial advisory board for "Daily Commercial News," where he also contributes on a regular basis. Stephen has written numerous articles for Summit Magazine - "Canada's Magazine on Public Purchasing".

Stephen's commitment to a disciplined strategic management approach is derived from more than 32 years of diverse international experience. He worked for Dofasco Inc from 1973 to 1993, and then joined Johnson Machinery Co. Inc in New York City, as a member of its senior management team. He moved to government in 2001 and joined OGCA in 2006.

Over the past several years, he has presented at national conferences run by such organizations as the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, the Leadership Roundtable, P3 2003 (Public-Private Partnerships) Conference, as well as for many other organizations in Canada and the United States.

Stephen Bauld has a unique and engaging way of involving participants at his sessions. The passion he exudes at each custom-designed session is highly motivating to the attendees in all segments of industry.

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The Inherent Procurement Problems of Major Capital Expenditure.


The Evolving Concept of Leadership in Infrastructure Procurement.


Risk Transfer in P3s, Performance Monitoring, and Quality Control.


The Collaborative View of the Procurement World.


Recent Publications by Stephen Bauld

Municipal Procurement Handbook, Second Edition


Municipal Procurement Handbook


Leadership, Or The Lack Thereof


"Stephen's presentations energize and engage his audience. His life long commitment and experience in supply chain management is very apparent during his seminars. After reading his books and articles on procurement it is easy to see why Stephen is Canada's leading expert on government procurement." Leonard Domino and Associates

"Stephen always delivers his message with humour and enthusiasm as he recalls examples of case studies over his long career in the procurement field. He has a wealth of knowledge in both public and private sector procurement." Editor, Summit Magazine.