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Scott Campbell is a highly successful speaker, consultant, and author. Over the last twenty years, he has consulted with and coached leaders from FedEx, Nike, GE, Toyota, Bayer, Kraft, Pepsi, Ceridian, P&G, and Spectra Energy. He is a former instructor in the Schulich School of Business Executive Education Centre.

Scott possesses a certificate in Strategic Decision Making and Risk Management from Stanford University, a certificate in Designing Solutions for Innovation and Strategy from Weatherhead School of Management, and a Master's degree in organizational leadership from Tyndale College.

In addition to his work in the United States and Canada, he has spoken and consulted in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Hong Kong. He is a gifted writer, having authored several books:

  • Mind Games: 7 Tricks Your Brain Plays When Making Decisions
  • NeuroEngagement: Using The Insights of Brain Science to Foster Employee Engagement
  • 5-D Leadership: Key Dimensions for Leading in the Real World (co-author)

Scott has also written numerous articles on leadership for a variety of leadership magazines, including Leadership Excellence, Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, and Bulletin of Psychological Type.

Scott has extensive experience and qualifications with several assessment tools, including:

  • Qualified Facilitator for Leadership Circle Profile™ and Leadership Culture Survey™
  • Master Trainer for Personality Dimensions® (personality type assessment)
  • Qualifying Instructor for Myers Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Qualified Facilitator for EQ-i® (emotional intelligence assessment)
  • Qualified Facilitator for FIRO-B
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Speaking Topics

Under The Influence - The Science and Art of Persuasion

Persuasion is both a science and an art. Whether the individual is your employee, your boss, or your partner, your ability to influence others is a critical skill for success.
It's a science.
There are well-researched techniques and principles that can increase your influence on others. These have been repeatedly demonstrated to work, particularly in the world of business.
At the same time, persuasion is an art.
Knowing when, where, and how to use a particular principle requires insight and wisdom. Using the principles blindly is akin to painting a portrait with your eyes closed. It's messy, ugly, and likely to backfire.
In this fascinating and entertaining presentation, you will discover:

  • The brain's two decision-making systems-and which is most important in persuasion.
  • 2 crucial mistakes to avoid when attempting to influence others.
  • 6 scientifically proven principles of persuasion.
  • Practical suggestions on how to skillfully implement these principles.
Ultimately, you're not a leader if no one is following. This keynote will show you how to get others on board with your ideas-and act on them!


It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
How to Avoid the Mind Traps That Lead to Bad Decisions

The ability to make smart decisions is the most important skill a leader can possess.

Decisions determine destiny.

Unfortunately, you face a major impediment to making really smart decisions on a consistent basis.

Your brain.

The human brain evolved for simpler times when the most important decisions involved figuring out ways not to be eaten by predators or be killed by neighboring tribes.

Our brains developed instinctive ways of perceiving, thinking, and deciding that allowed our stone-age ancestors to survive and pass their genes on to us. Unfortunately our brains haven't evolved much since then.

The cognitive triumphs of the stone-age easily become cognitive traps in the information-age. All too often, without our realizing it, our brains distort information, make erroneous interpretations, and reach illogical conclusions. All of which lead to mediocre, or even disastrous, decisions.

In this fascinating keynote, Scott will describe how your brain creates these cognitive traps, and demonstrate how they can wreak havoc in your decision-making.

More importantly, he'll provide you with techniques designed to help you avoid these traps-equipping you to make smarter strategic decisions. Using concrete examples from a variety of industries, Scott will show you the power of these techniques and provide practical suggestions on how to implement them in your organization.

The result?

Smarter decisions.


Smart Decisions Under Fire
Keys to Making High-Stake Decisions When There's Little To Think

Leaders must often make pivotal decisions under fire. There's little time to think and there's lots at stake.
At such times, getting it wrong can lead to disaster.
Getting it right often reaps a substantial reward.
Whether it stems from a crisis, or simply the blazing speed at which business operates today, leaders need to know how to make the smartest decision possible under tremendous pressure and with minimal time.
In this keynote, Scott will share strategies and techniques that leaders can use to make smart decisions in such circumstances. Using vivid examples of both the successes and blunders other organizations have experienced, as well as drawing upon the latest research, he'll show you:

  1. how to respond when your organization's reputation is at risk.
  2. what temptations need to be resisted.
  3. what factors are critical to consider.
  4. when to decide unilaterally and when to seek consensus.
  5. when to use your intuition and when to use analysis.
If you and your team make decisions under fire, this keynote will help you make them smartly.


When Smart Teams Make Dumb Decisions
Overcoming the Four Forces That Derail Executive Decision-Making

"A camel is a horse put together by a committee."
This witticism conveys the frustration many leaders experience in trying to make smart decisions as a group. We read about the awesome potential teams possess in making high quality decisions, but we often fail to realize it.
All too commonly, our group decision-making efforts lead to mediocre decisions-or worse. Negative team dynamics erode the potential to exploit the wisdom that teams do indeed possess.
In this humorous and engaging keynote, Scott will discuss the five most common sources of executive team dysfunction:

  • Lack of shared direction, priorities, goals and values.
  • Jockeying for status through political gamesmanship.
  • Unresolved and destructive personality conflicts.
  • Group think.

Many of these, perhaps all, will be familiar to you from your own experience. More importantly, he'll provide you with practical strategies and techniques to keep these forces from derailing the decisions your team makes.


Your Customers Aren't Crazy - They're Just Irrational
How People Really Make Buying Decisions and How You Can Profit From It

What makes people buy? How can we capitalize on the innate processes that drive buying decisions?
This keynote answers those two questions.
Recent research has demonstrated that people regularly make decisions based on innate, irrational forces, more than careful, dispassionate reasoning.
That is particularly true in buying decisions.

  1. People buy French wines when French music is playing in the background, and Germany wines when the music turns to brass-band Oompah tunes.
  2. The smell of apple pie predisposes people to favor a particular house when buying a new home.
  3. The 'cool factor' of owning the latest iPhone creates a line up that extend for a city block.

While these purchasing behaviors may be irrational, they are not unpredictable.
That's why understanding the non-rational forces that drive buying decisions is so important. And so powerful.
In this captivating keynote, Scott will discuss several of these irrational processes, and provide you with strategies and tactics you can employ to tap into them.
The result?
Greater profits.


The Captain Has Turned On the Seatbelt Sign
Navigating Your People Through Turbulent Times

When the going gets tough . . .
. . . employees get nervous.
. . . productivity declines.
. . . morale plummets.
. . . conflicts escalate.
At the very time your business needs everyone at their best, people tend to be at their worst.
In this inspiring and entertaining keynote, Scott Campbell brings to life the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's remarkable leadership in a time of severe crisis. Weaving together historical lessons from Shackleton's calamitous expedition to the Antarctic, with modern business examples, Scott navigates you through a journey of discovery showing you how to navigate your people through our own turbulent times.
As Shackleton's voyage unfolds, you will discover seven keys to leading well in the midst of precarious times - keys that will help you motivate, inspire, encourage, and focus your people, and your organization to survive and thrive.
Navigating through turbulent times is difficult. It's often distressing. It can be disastrous. But it has been done successfully before. Ernest Shackleton and Scott Campbell will show you how.


The Engagement Zone
The Four Pillars of a Highly Engaged Workforce

Creating an environment of high employee engagement is the critical leadership task in today's competitive environment. Highly engaged employees produce more, stay with the organization longer, have less conflict with co-workers, and provide better customer service. This energizing keynote begins by exploring the meaning of employee engagement and it's link to sustained levels of high productivity.
You will then learn about the non-negotiable foundation on which employee engagement must be built-a sense of fairness.
Scott will then describe the four pillars that must be built on that foundation, if an organization is to create a zone in which employees demonstrate high levels of engagement:
Pillar 1 - Achievement
Pillar 2 - Status
Pillar 3 - Independence
Pillar 4 - Camaraderie
Weaving together the latest findings from neuroscience, vivid examples from today's workplace, and practical applications, you will leave with a clear understanding of how to create The Engagement Zone in your organization.


Recent Publications by Scott Campbell

Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments for Peak Performance


5-D Leadership: Key Dimensions for Leading in the Real World


"I have appreciated Scott's wisdom and skill since 2001 as a participant and sponsor of his work. Scott is one of the most positive consultants I know brimming with energy, intelligence, creativity and humor. No 'canned' approaches from Scott; he operates nimbly 'in the moment' and staff and leaders consistently value his interventions as practical, relevant and inspirational. He is one of my 'go to' contacts for leadership development." Judy Fantham, M.A. Head of Talent Management, Ontario Nurses' Association

"I have worked with Scott on multiple initiatives at multiple companies.  He continually delivers great programs and Scott's work with our team was immensely helpful. He is a dynamic leader who engages all participants, uses great anecdotes and stories to emphasize the key learnings of the module.  During a recent program on Negotiations, his insights into the way the brain commonly play tricks on us when we are deciding how to negotiate was particularly illuminating. Scott's combination of enthusiasm, knowledge, and commitment to his clients makes him a highly valued resource." John Andanoff Regional Vice-President

"Engaging and challenging" Lionel Houle, Business Unit Director, Immunology, UCB Canada Inc.

"Approachable, flexible, and experienced" Wayne Hartman, Field Force Effectiveness Lead, Pfizer Canada Inc.

"Knowledgeable and fun!" David Rendimonti, Partner-Client Engagement, pdoink Interactive

"Creative, professional, flexible, and engaging" Hala Morcos, Managing Director of HR, FedEx EMEA

"We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the leadership development sessions conducted by Scott. He has taken the time to learn about the culture of our organization... his sessions provide great content, interactive exercises and practical advice so that participants have fun while they learn." MeritCare Health System

"This is actually the best course I have ever attended. Hands down! Your ability to explain the concepts is unparalleled. Your language and communication skills are phenomenal. Every manager should take this course." Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

"I have been with this organization for almost twenty-six years and this is the very first seminar that I attended and came home feeling energized and ready to tackle the world... wonderful, great material and a super facilitator." Town Clerk, Springhill, N.S.

"I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to attend this seminar. I'm confident I now have the tools to succeed as a leader with Scott's wonderful training technique and the content of the material provided." MTC Leasing

"This seminar was absolutely the best I have ever attended on any subject. Not only was it highly enjoyable, but no doubt due to the way it was presented, I'm actually able to use the information." TriMed Group

"Scott is a very energetic and enthusiastic facilitator. He is very knowledgeable on the issue at hand." SOCAN

"Scott's presentation style is motivating and informed, dynamic and engaging, and many participants indicated they would have like a longer presentation - not a bad way to end!" Career/Life Skills Resources, Inc.