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World and Canadian Figure Skating Champion and Olympian

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Canadian figure skating champion Kurt Browning won the World Figure Skating Championships and the Canadian Figure Skating Championships four times. Kurt also competed in three Olympics.

Browning holds the record for being the first male ice skater to land a quadruple jump in competition. The Guiness Book of World Records lists that accomplishment. Browning is a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame, and the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Kurt has participated in numerous professional ice skating productions and television specials. He starred in "Snowden on Ice" and he has toured with "Stars on Ice" and the Canadian "Champions on Ice."

He enjoys hockey. Before he was a figure skater, he was a hockey player. He is able to do figure skating moves, especially footwork, on ice hockey skates.

In recent years, Browning is also a television media commentator for figure skating. He is not only a commentator, but also an entertainer. Ice skating fans enjoy Kurt's humor and personality as they watch figure skating events.

He is the author of Kurt: Forcing the Edge and "A" is for Axel which is a children's book about figure skating.

A much sought-after speaker, Browning tells his own inspiring figure skating story, motivating his audiences to seize their own opportunities.

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