Brian Orser

Canadian Figure Skating Champion,
Olympian and Officer of the Order of Canada

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In addition to winning silver medals at the 1984 and 1988 Winter Olympics, Brain Orser is an eight time Canadian Figure Skating Champion. He won the 1987 World Championships, beating American silver medalist Brian Boitano. At the 1988 Olympics in Calgary the battle for gold was waged between Orser and Boitano, with Orser losing the gold by the narrowest margin in history.

The rivalry between them became known as the Battle of the Brians, and their skating in Calgary is often referred to as the greatest night of skating in Olympic men's history. At the time of their rivalry, Orser was especially known for his incredible footwork and artistry.

During the first part of his skating career Orser was known as "Mr. Triple Axel," having been the first man to consistently land the jump and the first one to land it at the Olympics in 1984.

In April of 2007, Brian toured for the last time with the tour he helped bring to Canada from the U.S. - Stars on Ice. The tour was Brian's final tour, though not a full-out retirement - he'll still perform in the occasional show, but the life on the road of endless suitcases, buses and planes is now behind him. Now his main focus will be on sharing his knowledge with the next generations of skaters.

Orser's many accolades include an Emmy Award for his performance in Carmen on Ice. In 1985 he was made a Member of the Order of Canada and was promoted to Officer in 1988. The honour pays tribute not only to Orser's skill as an athlete, but also for his contribution as an unofficial ambassador of Canada.

Audiences nationwide are captivated and visibly moved by his unique success story, as his energy transforms his message.

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