Joe Tilley

Sports Anchor, CTV News Toronto

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"A personal story of inspiration and recovery" - Joe Tilley is the Sports Anchor for CTV News Toronto. A happily married father of three, Joe is a native of Edmonton and a graduate of the University of Alberta. Joe had a successful career as an amateur boxer: Golden Gloves champion, three-time Alberta welterweight champion and bronze medallist at the 1978 Canadian championships. Since signing on as the 11:30 pm sports anchor in 1984, Joe has developed a dedicated audience and viewership that is attributable to his enthusiastic and energetic on-air style. He is well known for his program features that include 'Swiss Picks' and 'The Excellent Sports Adventure'.

Life in the early days was very difficult for Joe. He was a high school dropout with an alcohol problem and at that time the future seemed bleak. His inspirational story will show how he chose to take the high road to recovery to become a boxing champion, university graduate and eventually the Sports Anchor of the number one television station in Canada. His personal story is one of inspiration for young and old alike. An entertaining and powerful speaker, Tilley captivates, educates and energizes his audiences with his stories, humour and lessons of life.

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