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For more than twenty years, Ms. Laverdière has played several roles in teams supporting major technological transformation programs.

With a solid foundation in project management acquired at the beginning of her career, Ms. Laverdière quickly made use of her training in psychology to assist program managers in all aspects of human resources management. Whether it is to support the hiring process or to ensure a work environment conducive to the formation of high-performance teams, she has been able to create alliances based on trust and respect. She has worked in companies of all sizes and supported managers with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Dominque Laverdière's expertise brings to technical projects the dimension of the impact of technologies on humans. The first field of intervention is often the implementation teams who are at the forefront of this organizational transformation.

Perfectly bilingual, she is comfortable in multifunctional and multiethnic teams. Its intervention strategies allow rapid integration of individuals and optimal use of talents.


  • Aerospace
  • Banks
  • Marketing and publications 
  • Restoration 
  • Retail
  • MRO
  • Health and pharmaceutical


  • Establish relationships of trust at all levels of the organizationCommunication with business leaders 
  • Establishment of cohesive and effective teams 
  • Holistic vision of business imperatives


  • French: fluency in spoken and written language
  • English: fluency in spoken and written language
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Speaking Topics

Virtual Presentation - Covid meltdown “Why are you and your team still exhausted”?

You and your team have…

  • Adjusted to the initial stress of the Covid lockdown and the novelty of remote work environment
  • Integrated virtual meetings
  • Implemented schedules for those who have kids that are home-schooling

Evidence shows that there are different types of stress. People who experience CHRONIC ONGOING STRESS, such as long-term illness, report that they are exhausted, feel emotionally flat, irritable or impatient, and that their insight is diminished.

The pandemic has become a source of chronic stress. The majority of us have never experienced CHRONIC STRESS which is an endless, monotonous and vague threat.

We can help!

Dominique Laverdiere has over 25 years of consulting experience to enhance leadership skills, build team professional behaviours and optimize organizational performance. We guide management, staff and teams to identify and address their underlying behavioural issues through customized keynotes, workshops and training programs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Stress Management & Coping
  • Leadership and Employee Professional Development
  • Team Dynamics
  • Facilitating Effective Change

Keynote Topics include:

  • Identifying the signs of acute and chronic stress
  • Distinguishing healthy coping from unhealthy coping behaviours
  • Building team endurance
  • Promoting a resilient work environment

  • Integrating the new generation into the workforce
  • From teams to a collaborative culture
  • Workplace etiquette
  • Building teams: a wholistic view to hiring
  • Creating a new family: how to thrive after a separation