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Sports Psychologist and Transformational Coach

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Chantal Vallée is the Head Coach of the University of two-time Canadian University Champion Windsor Lancers Women's Basketball.

She has been selected "Coach of the Year" 9 times in the last four years with a winning percentage of 90%.

Chantal was hired by the University of Windsor in 2005 even though she had never before coached a university team. At the time, they were ranked second-last in Canada; in the 2 years prior to Chantal's arrival, the team had won only 8 of their 60+ games and were known as the "doormat of women's basketball."

But Chantal had a dream and a plan and told anyone who would listen that the team would win a Canadian national championship within 5 years! Her passion, belief and determination attracted some of the best Canadian and European student athletes to play for the Windsor Lancers.

On March 20, 2011, her mission was accomplished. The Windsor Lancers team was crowned Canadian University Champions for the first time in history. By March 2012, they had won 3 consecutive Ontario Championships and a second gold medal in the Canadian University Championships. The Globe and Mail featured Chantal with the title "Coach Takes Windsor from Outhouse to Penthouse." She was recognized not only for winning basketball championships but also for her outstanding leadership in developing young women. Following Chantal's example of community involvement, the team willingly assists in sports and academic programs in Windsor schools.   Chantal and her players have dramatically improved the feeling of pride on their team, at their university and within their city.

In 2012, Chantal received the prestigious U.S. Athena Award for her success as a woman professional, her contributions to the community and her mentoring of future women leaders. She has been an Assistant Coach with the Canadian Olympic Basketball Program, a keynote speaker in Rwanda and Uganda as well as Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment, Freedom 55, and Hub International. She has been published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, and this fall, she will be a keynote speaker and trainer for the Madison School District Faculty in Michigan.

Chantal speaks fluent French, English and Spanish and has a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology. She is a uniquely talented coach and dynamic leader whose passion for excellence and pride in performance can change the way that teams and individuals see themselves and their potential. Her message and insights apply beyond competitive sports to all aspects of life.

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