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Michael Kerr is an international business speaker, humorist, trainer, author and one of North America’s leading authorities on creating healthier and more productive working environments.  Michael’s presentations are known for their high energy, positive ("safe") humour and practical ideas that audiences can put to work immediately. His third book, You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humour to Work, has been called "the bible of humour in the workplace."

A former communications manager, Michael has been energizing audiences since 1986.  Combining his management experience and wealth of workplace knowledge with his extensive humour expertise, Michael offers a truly unique perspective on how organizations can foster a less stressful, more innovative and truly inspiring workplace.

And as The Humor Ranger, Michael entertains and enlightens conference groups with his hilarious program based on his best-selling book, When Do You Let the Animals Out? A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Humour.

Michael’s clients have included WestJet Airlines, General Electric, Scotiabank, Imperial Oil, Compaq Computers, Telus Canada, and numerous professional associations and government departments.

Audiences frequently rate Michael’s programs as having the greatest impact of any presentation at a conference. "Invaluable information," "hilarious," and "truly energizing" are comments repeatedly used by Michael’s clients to describe his programs.

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Speaking Topics

YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! Leading With Laughter

Targeted specifically for managers or supervisors, this presentation explores how leaders can motivate employees, spark creativity, manage change and reduce stress levels through the use of humour. Includes five "guiding lights" for fostering humour in the workplace and tips on how to manage "unsafe humour."


YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! Putting Humour To Work

In this dynamic, humour-filled and content packed presentation audiences will not only laugh, they’ll discover how humour can help create a more productive, stress - free and creative work environment. Includes fun giveaways, door prizes and the resource handout "130 Ways to Put Humour to Work." 


YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! How to Add Humour to Any Presentation

Discover dozens of tips on how to massage your funny bone and add the humour ingredient to any business presentation or speaking event in this fun-filled and idea-packed program, as Michael truly does practice what he preaches.


INSPIRING WORKPLACES " Creating a Healthy, Happy and Humane Work Environment

Do you want to create the type of working environment where every one wants to work? Michael reminds audiences of five simple, yet fundamental cornerstones that foster productive, supportive, healthy and ultimately inspiring workplaces.

WHEN DO YOU LET THE ANIMALS OUT? A Hilarious Welcome to the Rockies

Based on the best-selling book, When Do You Let the Animals Out, this presentation welcomes conferences to the Canadian Rockies and reveals the wackier side of our beloved mountains. Ideal as a conference opener, luncheon talk, after dinner presentation or spousal program. (Also available in a "Welcome to Canada" version).


WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Sparking Creativity in the Workplace

Looking for inspiration? This high-energy keynote looks at ways to tap into your employees’ creative potential and includes practical tips on how to foster a more innovative working environment.


SPEAKING OF SPEAKING " Presentation Skills Training

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it that counts. "Simply the best presentation skills workshop I’ve ever taken" is often the feedback received from participants who discover dozens of practical tips on how to improve their speaking skills in this engaging, content packed and fun training program.


Recent Publications by Michael Kerr

When Do You Let The Animals Out?: A Field Guide To Rocky Mountain Humour


The Canadian Rockies Guide to Wildlife Watching: The Best Places to See and Appreciate Animals in Their Natural Habitat


What's so Funny About Alberta?


You Can't Be Serious


Inspiring Workplaces


"Just what we needed! His topic was delivered with the right blend of 'important corporate message' and humour! Michael was captivating, enlightening, and inspiring. We are in the process of reviewing our plans for 2006 in hopes that we can bring him back to the college for another event."   Durham College

"We were drowning in tears of laughter - Michael is a very dynamic and upbeat speaker. His presentation was an excellent way to end our conference."  Industry Canada

"Michael Kerr is awesome! I obtained enough electricity to shock my hospital into shape."   Capital Health Region

"Your name and topic brought a record crowd to our dinner meeting. Your presentation not only provided us with an opportunity to laugh, but also with a chance to look at how we can use humour to make our workplaces truly exciting and fun places to be!"  Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba

"As our opening speaker, your contribution was considerable. Your presentation was delivered with humour, passion, commitment and tremendous energy. You truly inspired participants and energized our workplace."  Public Works and Government Services Canada

"We could not have chosen a better speaker for the engagement. I would highly recommend Michael for any speaking event." Bell Canada