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Cabbie left TSN Sportscentre in September of 2019 to host the Bleacher report in Las Vagas. Known for his unique take on sports broadcasting and interviewing, the weekly SportsCentre segment features Cabbie poking fun at sports headlines and high-profile athletes and sports personalities.

Cabbie is best known for his popular interview segments with L.A. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. During their odd-couple four-year relationship, Cabbie went from trying to get an invite to the "Casa de Bryant" prompting answers from Bryant such as, "Sure, it's 8 Out of Your Mind Avenue" and "Sure, it's 1-800 never ever ever call me ever" - to scoring an exclusive invitation on Bryant's private helicopter.

Throughout his 10-year sports broadcasting career, Cabbie has interviewed a slate of big-name athletes including Michael Jordan, Alexander Ovechkin, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Shaun White, and Tony Hawk.

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