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Margaret Wente, who writes for The Globe and Mail, is one of Canada's most popular columnists. Her provocative, irreverent opinions on politicians, social issues, and the way we live now, have launched a thousand dinner-party debates. Her take on the controversies of the day is always entertaining, and she speaks as she writes - with warmth, wit and wisdom.

Born in Chicago, Wente moved to Toronto in her teens. In her book, An Accidental Canadian: Reflections on My Home and (Not) Native Land, Wente creates an absorbing read, which includes reflections on Canada, the Canadian identity, and on the small pleasures and big questions in life.

Wente has twice won the National Newspaper Award for column-writing, and has written for the paper from Iraq, China and Israel. In addition to being an award-winning writer, she has edited Canadian Business magazine, as well as the Report on Business. Her colourful commentary is the highlight of many television and radio programs across Canada.

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A Different Perspective

Margaret Wente brings a candid and revealing perspective to some of the country's least-reported, but most important issues. Now, hear her speak on the issues of the day that no one else will tackle. From the health care system to education and social issues, Wente's unique views are both thought provoking and entertaining.


A Journey Through The Canadian Health Care System

Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente shares her story of being diagnosed with arthritis and having hip replacement surgery. Margaret describes the first-tier care she received in what she calls "a multi-tier health-care system." In her view, who you know can make a significant difference in the treatment you receive in our over-stressed healthcare system.


You Can't Say That in Canada

In Canada, you don't have to go out of your way to offend someone. It just happens naturally. In this entertaining talk, Margaret Wente describes some of the biggest uproars she has caused with her controversial columns. There was the time, for example, when an entire province demanded that she be fired. More recently, she enraged women across the country when she argued that men dominate the Internet. These controversies have lessons for us all - about what riles people up, and why, and about the sharp differences between Canadians and Americans. They also have personal lessons too. Ms. Wente will talk about the importance of sticking to your guns even when your point of view is unpopular - and also about the value of humility when you're wrong.
She intersperses her talk with personal anecdotes about some of the fascinating people she's met, including Conrad Black and Brian Mulroney, and rounds it out with some tart observations on the current cultural and political scene.


Recent Publications by Margaret Wente

You Can't Say That In Canada


An Accidental Canadian: Reflections on My Home and (Not) Native Land


"Remarkable and stimulating." CEO, The Conference Board of Canada

"Encounter Counterpoint - Canada's most pointed columnist. From the battle of the sexes to the battles of the Middle East, she is Canada's most decorated word warrior." Globe and Mail