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Eddie LeMoine a Canadian-born international author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer, he specializes in leadership, employee engagement, stress management, safety and the psychology of success. Through his inspiring stories, great sense of humor and genuine care for people, Eddie easily connects with-and motivates-audiences all over the world. Eddie's unprecedented success is due to his powerful ability to close the gap between business results and personal development. He inspires greatness in corporations by inspiring greatness in individuals.

With innovation and creativity, Eddie moves people towards brilliance-and the results are immediate. His keynotes and seminars, rich with content, leave audience members energized and with the tools they need to implement change in both their work and personal lives.

Eddie has an uncanny ability to read and connect with his audience whether they are laughing, crying or simply rethinking. He has touched the hearts and minds of people around the globe; his audiences represent 83 countries and his speeches have been translated into five languages. A best selling author, his book, "Bring About What You Think About" helps readers understand that changing the way they think can absolutely change their lives. It teaches the importance of matching your thoughts to your emotions and how to embrace change. This book has become a must read for many companies across the country.

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Speaking Topics

Attracting and Retaining a Skilled Workforce

Are you ready for the newest shortage and price hike? It's not housing or lumber. The latest deficit will be human capital, which will be widespread and felt by every business sector. This labour shortage will make the old ways of attracting, retaining and inspiring obsolete. Employers will need to find new ways to attract employees, hang on to the ones they have and find ways to build capacity with their existing team. In addition, many employers will see the globe as their recruitment opportunities; you now will have to compete against your local competition for people along with places like New York, the UK, or Brazil.

Many employers have changed the way they work, and as we come out of the pandemic, employers and employees will look for a new normal. What will that look like for you? One thing is for sure; it will never go back to the way it was before the pandemic. Employers and employees will need to adapt to the new reality in the job market. Research shows some interesting trends that will undoubtedly impact your organization as we come out of the pandemic.

We are heading into some very challenging times regarding the Canadian employment market. Join Eddie LeMoine as he guides you through employment trends and why the old ways of managing people may not work in the future. Eddie will help you understand today's employment challenges and how to be best prepared for a successful future.

In this session, you will discover:

  • The trends that will impact the labour market this year and beyond
  • The impact the pandemic has on the way people work, and employers do business
  • The effect the hybrid workplace is having on global competition for resources\
  • Why employee engagement is critical to employee attraction, retention and productivity
  • Reasons why people join, stay and leave their employers.
  • Successful leadership characteristics managers need to navigate today's challenging times.


The art of outstanding Virtual Sales performance

It is without a doubt hitting your sales targets makes running a business much more enjoyable. For most companies, all of the profitability is in the last 10% of the sales target. Why do top salespeople make it look so easy while others struggle to achieve their targets? Why are some companies thriving during the pandemic while their competitors see sales drop? Selling is a numbers game, and there are only two ways to increase sales:

One way is to increase activity. The theory here is the more you throw against the wall, the more that will stick. This method works but at the expense of turning off clients and increasing turnover within the sales team.

The other option is to increase the performance of the sales team. This method has much higher customer satisfaction and increases employee engagement and retention.

Join Eddie Lemoine for an inspiring look at the "Art of Outstanding Virtual Sales Performance." where you will discover:

  • How to over achieve your virtual sales targets
  • The three steps to setting virtual sales targets that stick
  • The reason why most people don't hit their sales target
  • How to identify the critical decision-maker for each sale
  • Three ways to accelerate your performance
  • how to leverage your strengths to get to a "yes" with your customer
  • How to leverage the information from inside virtual sales data
  • The buying patterns of each generation.
  • How to create the unique mindset of a Virtual sales champion

Inside sales as the new rockstars of growing revenue!

Inside sales is the art of knowing, nurturing and transforming leads into customers remotely. With the evolution of technology for many companies, inside sales have become the driving force for revenue growth. Inside sales, once used to generate leads and refill orders, today are fulfilling more complicated steps like assessing needs, identifying buyers, and closing sales. It doesn't matter if you have a dedicated inside salesperson or share the role with other activities; inside sales can help you grow your business.

In this presentation, you will discover:

  • The evolution of inside sales
  • Why inside sales can but your ticket to success during the pandemic.
  • The five buying influences for every sale and how to identify them
  • How many touchpoints it takes to get a customer to commit and why most salespeople don't hit their target.
  • Why every salesperson is also the customer service rep
  • How inside sales can become your revenue generator in this new virtual world.
  • How to use available technology to make your job easier
  • Simple ways to automate your inside sales function
  • How to have a better work-life balance
  • The impact customer service has on sales and sales referrals.

"A Journey to Engagement" Increasing Productivity In Today's Challenging Times

Are your top employees planning to quit? Do your employees care as much about their work as you do? Is your organization at a standstill? Anyone can lead an organization during the good times: it's during the tough times that true leaders produce results. How will you lead to succeed?

"Competitive advantage is determined by your ability to secure customers and the strength of your most important asset - your human resources. Learn how to attract and retain the best." - Eddie LeMoine, International Speaker, Bestselling Author and Employee Engagement Expert

In this presentation, author and international speaker Eddie LeMoine offers a proven process for engaging the employees in your organization. He explores a number of critical issues, including employee attraction and retention, aging demographics and a multi-generational workforce. Topics range from understanding cultural, age and gender influences within the workplace to becoming an employer of choice. Eddie reveals strategies for managing workplace challenges-strategies that will lead to improved productivity, cost containment and increased profitability.

An engaged workforce is more productive and gives your organization a competitive advantage. Yet, statistics show that engaged employees make up only 25-30 percent of the workforce. The other 70-75 percent are disengaged employees who are 50 percent as productive as their engaged counterparts. Disengaged employees cost you money through abuse of time-off, misuse of sick leave and benefits, and the rise of a negative work environment that affects all employees. In contrast, productive, engaged employees create a great return on investment and they want their leader and company to succeed.

Eddie LeMoine is in tune with the reality of today's workplace and understands its challenges. His ideas will show you how to buck the low-engagement trend. You will learn how to inspire your team to new levels of engagement so that they deliver higher levels of customer service; work better as a team and recommend your organization as a great place to work. Eddie's techniques will help your organization improve productivity, contain cost, increase safety and increase profitability.

Key topics

  • Stand out as an employer of choice.
  • Attract, engage, and retain your all-star employees.
  • Harness the expertise of long-term employees.
  • Create a safe work environment.
  • Successfully navigate diverse demographics and skillfully integrate five generations in one workplace.
  • Fully recognize your team's strengths and work collectively to produce a stronger output.
  • Understand age, gender, and cultural diversity and the roles they play in the workplace.
  • Interpret future trends and their impact on your organization
  • Implement the three steps that will close the engagement gap.
  • Improve productivity
  • Contain cost
  • Increase safety
  • And, increase profitability

Now is the time to steer change in your organization. Now you can align your employees' ambitions with your business' long-term vision.  Eddie will speak directly to your team, and you will connect with your employees before it is too late to reach out to them. Join the thousands who have witnessed Eddie's actionable messages take root and grow in their place of work.


A "Journey to Safety" Focus on Safety Today

Whether you are trying to reduce the amount of near misses or prevent complacency within your team this content rich, motivating and entertaining session is perfect for your next conference or training session. In today's fast-paced world "lack of focus" has become an epidemic. Many experts believe "lack of focus" is the number one health and safety hazard facing society today. Employees who are engaged at work are five times less likely to have a safety related incident. In addition, a safety incident by an unengaged employee is six times more expensive.

We don't have to go far to see the consequences. Twenty five to fifty percent of all automobile accidents are now caused by distractive driving, with driving while fatigued coming in at second place. Not only are the costs to our economy in the billions of dollars, the impact to workers and their families are very long lasting.

A "Focus on Safety" is a cultural shift. Eddie will help participants understand the value of a 24/7 safety way of thinking. If an employee has an injury that prevents them from working there is a less than twenty percent chance it will happen at work and a more than eighty percent chance it will happen outside of work, yet the impact on the employee, their family and their work is still very significant. Whether it is your front line employees or senior management this session will benefit everyone.

In this information packed and inspirational session participants will discover:

  • The impact engagement has on employee safety and the cost per incident.
  • The number one safety hazard facing society today.
  • That making safety a 24/7 core value is the key to safety.
  • The benefit of a safe culture to the employee, their family and the workplace.
  • Where injuries occur that may prevent you from showing up at work tomorrow.
  • The steps to creating a safer culture.
  • The role each person plays in creating a safe environment.
  • How changing the way we think can change your entire future.

"A journey to Leading Five Generations in the Workforce" Leading Five Generations in the Workplace

Are you ready for yet another challenge at work? Have you noticed the age difference of the people sitting near you at work? Look around at your next meeting and you will see someone close to retirement sitting next to a freshly out-of-school graduate. These circumstances present a unique challenge for today's leaders: how to motivate and manage an inter-generational work force.

Aging demographics and the shrinking workforce has been a front and centre topic for a number of years. With people living longer, staying in the workforce longer or re-entering the workforce after retirement, we are now experiencing the latest form of diversity in the workplace-five generations! Should leaders be concerned about these shifting generation gaps? Definitely! To achieve maximum productivity and a good work environment, an effective leader is a leader who understands, manages and communicates across all generations.

Today it is commonplace for five generations to be working side by side within an organization. This recent phenomenon is contributing to the newest and probably most significant workplace challenge for today's leaders. Research shows that bridging the generation gap leads to a more productive and happy work environment. Managing a specific generation (e.g., the Millennials) is no longer enough. It is now critical for a leader to understand, manage and communicate cogently across all generations. Eddie LeMoine has been delivering keynote presentations and training sessions on the inter-generational workplace since 2005 and is considered a foremost authority on this topic. Let him share his insights for leading each generation in your organization.

Eddie LeMoine has made an extensive study of the intergenerational workplace. His observations are enlightening and his presentations are delightfully entertaining and content rich. Thousands of participants have learned from and enjoyed this presentation and it continues to be one of his most popular topics. It is delivered in an engaging, fast-paced and entertaining session filled with stories anecdotes and videos.

Eddie is happy to customize a session specific to your unique requirements based on the intergenerational makeup of your organization. Meet your challenges head on with a session that is always a crowd favourite and often the highlight of an entire conference.

Key topics

  • How the retiring baby-boom cohort will impact workplace
  • How to communicate effectively with all
  • What unique characteristics each generation has and how to motivate them
  • How to work effectively with each generation that you are not a part of
  • What the key motivators are for each generation
  • How to relate to clients from all generations

"A journey to Reducing Stress" Reducing Stress Today

Are you finding yourself more stressed each month? Do you just want to hide from people and situations? Do you realize the impact stress is having on your success and happiness? The list of stress that factors into your day-to-day lives is growing longer every day. Global disasters, economic hardships, work, and family all have a direct impact on your health and wellbeing. We all react differently to stress but one thing we all have in common is that stress can rob us of our happiness and our future dreams.

The Journey to Reducing Stress Presentation
In this session, author and international speaker Eddie LeMoine will guide you through a series of easy-to-use steps to help you manage your day-to-day stress. This presentation is filled with valuable ideas interwoven with inspiring anecdotes and accented with humour and emotion. Participants will discover ways to manage stress in both your work life and personal life.

Although there is no such thing as a stress free life you will discover that reducing the unhealthy stress in your life will move you toward a happier, healthier and more successful life. In this easy-to-follow program you will identify your stressors and learn how to change your response to these triggers. Living in a world of fear and anxiety has both physical and emotional consequences. Eddie will guide you through a series of exercises that lead you on your "Journey to Reducing Stress".

Key Topics

  • Why is managing stress important to your success and happiness?
  • Steps to reducing and managing stress.
  • What is Stress and where is yours coming from.
  • Too little stress and too much stress are both problems - How do you find your optimal level
  • What are your stressors
  • How do you respond to stress
  • What is the economic and emotional cost of stress
  • Learn how to BOUNCE back from stressful situations
  • Understanding your perception of a situation
  • Setting better habits
  • Accelerate your Sales Performance
    Have you run out of ways to increase your sales results? Do you feel others are passing you by and experiencing the success you have always wanted? Do you realize that studies show top performing sales reps do not work more hours or have more product knowledge, or more strategic sales ability. What do they know that you don't? What do these sales champions have in common?
    Eddie LeMoine draws upon his personal experience as a senior sales leader, the principles of his bestselling book Bring About What You Think About and the tools he developed for his Journey to Engagement workshop to create a practical process that you can employ to enhance your sales results. During the course of his career, Eddie has shared his techniques with sales teams who have sold hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of product and services. He has spoken to and inspired thousands of sales people from hundreds of businesses from around the world.

    One objective of this presentation is to recognize the attributes of successful sale professionals who:

    • Believe they can achieve their numbers
    • Are confident in their abilities
    • Understand the connection between their targets and their personal goals
    • Align their personal goals with that of their company's objectives
    • Engage in the selling process
    • Have a clear vision of the outcome and focus on the outcome
    • Use the knowledge and skills they already have to exceed their targets

    Another objective is to share with you the universal strategies employed by sales champions. You can use them to help you reach new levels of excellence in your career.

    Key topics

    • Change the way you think to create a mindset focused on exceeding your target.
    • Match your emotions with your targets to create maximum sales efficiency.
    • Craft your targets and goals to create the action you need to get results.
    • Overcome the five pitfalls that hold most sales people back from achieving their targets.

Bring About What You Think About: How to change your future today!

Bring About What You Think About: How to change your future today!
Is it possible to bring about what you think about? Eddie LeMoine has been fascinated by the idea that people's thoughts can change their lives. Over the past decade he has researched and studied this powerful concept. He has written about it and talked about it with thousands of people from all walks of life and occupations. He has spoken to audiences in countries around the world and these audiences have given his speeches top ratings and standing ovations.

Bring About What You Think About: How to change your future today!
In this powerful keynote presentation, Eddie LeMoine shares insights gained from his experience as a senior sales leader and explores the principles from his bestselling book, Bring About What You Think About. Surprisingly, top performers do not necessarily work more hours or have more product knowledge or ability. Eddie reveals their secrets of success and shows you how to use these life skills to change your life.

Eddie loves what he does and welcomes the opportunity to share his insights and enthusiasm with you. His concepts resonate across different cultures, age groups and occupations. Participants come away inspired and motivated to make lasting change in their lives.

This presentation is filled with valuable ideas interwoven with inspiring anecdotes and accented with humour and emotion. Eddie's practical approach provides you with techniques you can use immediately in your work and personal life.

As you focus on building and creating the people, jobs, suppliers, situations and relationships you want in your future, you realize that some goals that may seem unattainable. By using the techniques Eddie describes, you will discover the three key elements to help you change your future outcomes; in essence, to bring about what you think about. Let Eddie light up your next conference, meeting or event. This compelling presentation is a winner.

Key topics

  • Become happier at work and home.
  • Improve business and personal relationships.
  • Create more of what you would like to have and less of what you would not
  • Remove the disempowering beliefs that hinder success.
  • Employ the power of emotions on relationships, success, health and happiness.
  • Break through fears to achieve higher levels of success.
  • Foresee pitfalls along the way and avoid them.
  • Enjoy living life in the moment.
  • Attract abundance in all areas of life.
  • Achieve the outcome you desire.

"MDRT is known for the quality of the speakers. We continue to be able to achieve this high standard of excellence because of individuals like you, who are willing to do the work required to prepare a presentation with quality content and skill delivery. We are greatly grateful to you". Million Dollar Round Table.

"The topic was relevant to our workplace and your delivery of the subject matter was truly inspirational. The employees found your "real life experiences" compelling, relevant and insightful. Your skills as a presenter and your ability to connect with your audience are truly exceptional." Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Maritime Region

"Throughout the years of working together on various projects, you have consistently brought passion and insight to the table. Your day-long workshop with our staff was an inspiration and helped build our team into a cohesive group of professionals". President and Chair of the Board ACFO