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Cary Mullen, Olympian and World Cup Champion currently holds the World Downhill Speed Record for skiing 97 MPH (151 KMH) down the world’s most famous ski course in Kitzbuhel, Austria. Cary was a non-prodigy, an underdog, who placed last in his first World Cup race. He followed 5 key winning strategies to go from "worst to first’ and to ultimately become a two-time Olympian and World Cup Champion.

Cary shares success strategies from the high performance world of sport teaching us how to take our game from where it is today to the next level in both business and in life! By studying top producers for over 20 years, Cary discovered an intentional process that the best in the world follow repeatedly. This winning strategy is at the core of the How to Win Success System, a self-directed, multi-media, adult learning program. This System, along with Cary’s soon-to-be-released book, entitled HOW to WIN " Short Stories and Strategies for Success, makes him one of the most qualified experts on winning strategies.

Beyond his athletic accomplishments, Cary has a successful business background as a former Sales and General Manager for Dale Carnegie Training and is currently the President of a real estate investment company. As a community leader, Cary has founded two Charitable Foundations and is on the Board of Directors for the national Olympic Development Association and the National High Performance Advisory Committee.

Cary passionately shares his "champion insights’ around the world taking his audiences on an incredible run that leaves them energized and shows them HOW to WIN in their pursuit for EVEN Better Results.

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Motivation - The Champion Within:


During this presentation, Cary Mullen propels his audiences to the top of the world’s most challenging mountains! He entertains right from the start gate. His energetic humor and style takes audiences on a roller coaster ride of emotions - from the agony of defeat, to Olympic competition and World Cup victory.
Audiences love the spectacular live video footage of crashes plus Cary’s exciting "speed record run’ of 97 mph down Kitzbuhel. Organizations benefit from his specific strategies for building performance champions.


Recent Publications by Cary Mullen

How To Win: Short Stories and Startegies foe Success


"Cary's presentation was awesome! He was energetic and had the attention of everyone in the room. Employees were able to take something away from his presentation and actually use it. Sometimes when you get a speaker, they are usually too far over the top and lose the attention of the crowd - Cary did not do that. His FEATS cards were great, as it will help reinforce what he presented." Wright Express

"Your presentation captured the entire audience from the very start, and kept their attention with a powerful message, great use of mixed media, and of course, your absolute sincerity." American Bankers Association

"Your effort, dedication and time preparing for your presentation at the conference is greatly appreciated. You did a wonderful job. You helped provide a variety of choices to motivate, excite, and strengthen skills and techniques to help build strong, knowledgeable and happy departments." New Mexico Heritage Hotels

"Cary was fantastic. He was an excellent choice. I have been receiving great reviews so far. I received feedback from a few people that specifically mentioned how versed in Capital One speak he was. After the speech he had a table available for autographs. After about 20 minutes, there were still people lined up at the table. He then sat down with about five of us over lunch. He responded to everyone's questions and was very approachable." Capital One Services Inc.

"Thanks for energizing our team. We all really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your story ... it was awesome! The next day, several people were using 'lines' from your presentation - a sure sign that they enjoyed it and picked up something meaningful to them!" DuPont

"The message and delivery style on Wednesday was out of this world. His endearing smile touched everyone and his story was told with passion, excitement, and really tapped into everyone’s spirit that anything is possible. He also made such a tight connection to the strategies he used to push himself to the next level of performance so we all walked away with something tangible." AgriBank, FCB