Amber Kanwar

Premier Keynote Speaker, Emcee, and Host in Business and Finance

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Amber Kanwar is a distinguished keynote speaker, emcee, and host, renowned for her authoritative insights into business and financial markets. As a leading figure in financial news and a prominent voice on Bay Street, Amber has solidified her reputation as a premier business and financial speaker. Her tenure at BNN Bloomberg has been marked by insightful coverage of market trends, economic shifts, and the impact of disruptive technologies, making her an invaluable asset to any event or conference seeking depth and expertise in financial matters.

With an educational background that includes a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario and a Master's in Journalism from Ryerson University, Amber Kanwar brings a unique blend of academic rigor and practical experience to her roles as a keynote speaker, emcee, and host. Her ability to distill complex financial concepts into engaging narratives has made her a sought-after figure for audiences ranging from industry professionals to the general public.

As a regular contributor to Bloomberg and CTV, Amber continues to influence the discourse around business and finance, offering perspectives that are both insightful and accessible. Her interviews with hundreds of key figures—from CEOs and portfolio managers to politicians—underscore her role as a conduit for meaningful discussions in the financial realm.

Amber Kanwar's dynamic presence, both on screen and on stage, combined with her deep understanding of business and finance, make her an ideal choice for those seeking a keynote speaker, emcee, or host capable of delivering impactful, insightful, and engaging content.

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Speaking Topics

Charting the Course: Economic Insights for the Modern Investor

As a keynote speaker, Amber Kanwar excels in providing audiences with a comprehensive understanding of current economic landscapes, offering actionable insights for investors and business professionals alike.


Mastering the Stage: Excellence in Emceeing and Hosting Financial Events

Amber's extensive experience as an emcee and host shines through in this topic, where she shares strategies for engaging audiences, facilitating discussions, and elevating financial events to new heights.


Innovation at the Intersection: Disruptive Technologies and Finance

This presentation highlights Amber Kanwar's expertise in identifying and analyzing the technological disruptions shaping the future of finance, making her a pivotal business and financial speaker for those looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving sector.


Q&A for Amber Kanwar

  1. Where does Amber Kanwar usually travel from for her speaking engagements?
    Amber Kanwar’s travel origin for keynote speaking engagements is Toronto Ontario. For specific details, it's best to contact [email protected].
  2. What are the common topics Amber Kanwar speaks on?
    Amber Kanwar frequently speaks on a range of topics including finance and economics, innovation and trends and acts as a emcee or host.
  3. What is Amber Kanwar's typical speaking fee for events?
    Amber Kanwar’ss speaking fee can vary based on the event and specific requirements but the local fee for her to attend an event is $12500 Canadian. For an accurate quote, contacting 416 420 4525 [email protected] is recommended.
  4. How long does Amber Kanwar typically speak for in her keynote addresses?
    Amber Kanwar's keynote speeches usually last between 45 to 60 minutes, but this duration can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of your event.
  5. Does Amber Kanwar conduct Q&A sessions after her speaking engagements?
    Yes, Amber Kanwar often holds Q&A sessions following her talks, offering audiences a chance for deeper interaction and to address specific questions.
  6. Is Amber Kanwar available for participation in panel discussions and workshops?
    Indeed, besides keynote speeches, Amber Kanwar is available for panel discussions and interactive workshops and to host or emcee events, allowing her to delve deeper into specific subjects.
  7. Can Amber Kanwar tailor her presentations to suit specific event themes or audiences?
    Absolutely, Amber Kanwar is adept at customizing his presentations to align with the unique themes, goals, and audience demographics of various events.
  8. What are some notable events where Amber Kanwar has been a speaker?
    Amber Kanwar has spoken at a variety of prestigious events, sharing her insights on innovation, technology, leadership. She has been on stage with Mark Carney, Stephen Poloz and other important economic leaders.
  9. What technical setup is required for Amber Kanwar's presentations?
    For her presentations, Amber Kanwar typically needs standard audio-visual equipment such as a microphone, projector, and screen. Any specific technical requirements can be discussed during the booking process.
  10. How can someone book  Amber Kanwar for a speaking event?
    To book Amber Kanwar for your next event, you can contact at [email protected] or call Heather at 416 420 4525. They will provide all necessary information, including her availability, booking procedures, and other details.

“Amber Kanwar acted as emcee and moderator for our 2023 Annual Dinner featuring keynote speaker, Mark Carney.  Amber was a pleasure to work with, as she was well prepared to address our audience of over 1,100 guests and to interview Mr. Carney. The feedback from our guests was very positive, and we are looking forward to working with Amber at a future event.” -Virginia Coles, CFA Society Vancouver

“Amber Kanwar was the host and MC for the CFA Winnipeg forecast dinner on April 12, 2023. She was great to work with from start to finish. Amber was organized, she kept the event on schedule, she kept the audience engaged, and really resonated with the crowd. She hosted the Q&A with our keynote speaker bringing forth insightful questions and interesting conversations. The event was attended by over 500 guests mostly in the finance profession. We received a lot of positive feedback about Amber. I would not hesitate to use Amber again for future events.” - Candy Wong (CFA Winnipeg Forecast Dinner Committee Member)