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Barbara Crowhurst is a retail specialist, business coach, writer, international speaker and trainer. Her comprehensive and detailed approach to retail comes from years of working in the industry. She recently provided us with the Top Ten Comments From Retailers regarding her business coaching services:

10 Cash flow has improved.

9 We are moving more merchandise through our store.

8 We under stand where our business is coming from and have a more effective marketing strategy.

7 We understand what our merchandise mix should be.

6 We are on a budget and controlling our buying.

5 Our operating expenses are under control.

4 We are attracting a better level of staff keeping them longer.

3 Our store is designed more effectively; traffic flows better.

2 Sales are up 20% within the first few months of working with Barbara.

1 I am finally paying myself and I know I can face the challenges ahead with Barbara as my retail business coach.


If you’d like to see some of these same results, contact us today to book Barbara’s consulting services.

(comments provided by Barbara Crowhurst)

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