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Mike Walsh


Mike Walsh Speaker Video

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Mike Walsh

Futurist, Digital Tech and Emerging Markets Expert

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Mike Walsh's Speaker Programs:

  • FUTURETAINMENT-Yesterday The World Changed, Now It's Your Turn
    How companies and brands can reinvent the way they engage with customers by better understanding consumer behavior with new technologies. Forget technology - the future of your business will be shaped by anthropology. For marketers and business leaders alike, understanding the new patterns of online consumer behavior will be essential for both success and survival.
  • THE DIVERGENCE-When The Emerging World Rules The Web
    How the new emerging markets (BRIC, Turkey, Indonesia, etc) will bring millions of consumers online along with new ideas for how to use technology...impacting the way the West does business. Forget the Web of the West and begin to understand the Web of the Rest. Soon, these emerging markets will overtake the West in terms of economic growth; they will also become the dominant commercial and cultural influence on the development of the Web.
  • NEXTLAB-Unleashing the Future On Your Company And Competition
    This innovation keynote (can be extended to a workshop) teaches people how to think like a futurist and how to observe consumer behavior (like an anthropologist). Social gaming in China - radical new low-cost business models from India - next generation mobile banking in Africa...the best unorthodox thinking is taking place far from the traditional centres of innovation. The secret to seeing what's coming next is to pay close attention to the spaces where all the rules are being broken. The future is already here, you just need to know where to look. 
  • UBIQUITOUS-Engaging Tomorrow's Mobile Consumer
    How innovation in emerging markets is changing the way we think of mobile globally. The next generation of phone technology will be less about innovative hardware and more about providing consumers with ubiquitous, high speed access to our social, professional and entertainment networks. From location based technologies, to gesture based interfaces and integrated financial services, the future of your phone may be no phone at all. For advertisers and platform providers alike, to really understand the mobile business of tomorrow you have to first step inside the lives of the consumers that will inhabit it.

Mike Walsh's Testimonials:

"A phenomenal presentation! It's refreshing to see someone who understands the next generation and who has the ability to create understanding and vision through examples of historical trends and current international innovation. Thanks for the education." SVP Direct Sales, iPay Technologies of Attended Fiserv Conference

"Excellent material and especially good presentation.  Thought provoking, and an amazing insight into how far the rest of the world has advanced past the U.S. in innovation." President of KBOgroup, Inc. of Attended Fiserv Conference

"Mike was a pleasure to work with. His presentation was perfectly pitched reflecting his research prior to the event to tailor his presentation to our audience and he also took the time to meet with some of them prior to the presentation. We would highly recommend Mike to anyone interested and would love to work with him again." Roche Products Pty Limited

Great session! To be perfectly honest, I'm sort of lost between being very excited and very frightened." Director, On-Air Promotions of NYCTV / NYC Media Group

"Your expert presentation on technological innovation was an ideal contribution to the opening session for what proved to be a valuable two day meeting and your insights were helpful in our deliberations on future strategies for the ABC." Managing Director of Australian Broadcasting Corporation

"Fascinating! You should also write books on presenting technology topics to non-technology people. It's a skill very few technologists have." Director of New Technology Strategy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

"Mike Walsh can observe today's consumers as if they are already living in tomorrow's world. He understands the changing dynamics of media - fundamental changes in content creation, distribution and consumption and in the economic realities that underpin both traditional and new media businesses. He understands the structural shift that is occurring. If the future is already here (just not yet evenly distributed), then it's certain that Mike manages somehow to insert himself into one of those little pockets of the future, have a look around, and then come back and let the rest of us know what our world will soon be like!" Director of Strategy of Fairfax

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Mike Walsh speaker video