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Suzy Welch is an author, commentator, and business journalist. The weekly column, The Welch Way, she writes with her husband, Jack Welch, appears in Business Week magazine and is published by The New York Times syndicate in more than 45 major newspapers around the world, reaching more than 8 million readers. The Welches are also the co-authors of Winning, a #1 Wall Street Journal and international bestseller, and its companion volume, Winning: The Answers.

On her own, Suzy is a columnist for O - The Oprah Magazine, where she writes frequently about balancing work and life, as well as the delicate art of managing career challenges. Her latest book, 10-10-10: A Life Transforming Idea, presents a decision-making strategy for success at work, and in parenting, love and friendship. 10-10-10 has quickly become a New York Times bestseller and is available in 13 countries.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Suzy received her BA from Harvard University in 1981 and then joined The Miami Herald as a reporter. She left daily journalism to attend Harvard Business School, where she graduated as a Baker Scholar in 1988. After Harvard Business School, Suzy worked as a management consultant, specializing in strategy and manufacturing. She joined the Harvard Business Review as a senior editor in 1995 and was named editor-in-chief in 2001. During her tenure at HBR, Suzy was the author of numerous articles on leadership, change, creativity and organizational behavior, as well as the contributor to several books on management.

Suzy is the mother of 4 children, ages 14 to 19. She is actively involved with several non-profit boards, including Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program.

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