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A powerful new idea is sweeping North America: that "doing good" can mean more than volunteering and philanthropy. That how we earn our living can become the way we give back. We've all heard about the rich and powerful doing good works. Julia Moulden presents a new group of role models - ordinary men and women who have reinvented what they do for a living. They're people who want their work to reflect their values, and help them make a difference in the world. She calls these individuals New Radicals. Moulden offers practical advice for people who want to reinvent their work and gives answers to questions such as "What are my motivations?" "What skills can I leverage?" "Where is the greatest need?" and "How do I get there from here?

Julia Moulden helps people find new passion, purpose, and possibility in their work. Who isn't searching for more meaning - or a way to make a difference? But how to do it when our jobs are so demanding - and when life is so busy?

Julia helps people change the way they think about their work - and our world. "Inspiring" and "unforgettable" are the words most often used to describe this deeply moving speaker.

Her new book - RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 - introduces her to a new audience. People who are asking themselves, "What's next?" RIPE delivers the news that something unprecedented is just beginning, and that the most satisfying phase of our careers lies ahead.

Moulden has a weekly column on the HuffingtonPost - "The Giving Life" which appears each Saturday. Her byline has also appeared in a diverse range of publications, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, and Ms Magazine.

A speechwriter for CEOs, cabinet ministers, and celebrities for more than 20 years, Moulden's clients include North America's leading organizations, such as AstraZeneca, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and Rogers Communications.

Born in Toronto in 1956, Moulden has lived in Europe, the U.S., and Mexico. She kayaks as often as possible on Georgian Bay.

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The New Radicals:

Thousands of people from all walks of life are finding ways to make a difference in the world. The New Radicals introduces the inspiring stories of activists, entrepreneurs, and innovators from across Canada and around the world and reveals how to forge your own path of positive service.


Green is Gold

Twenty years after this groundbreaking book was published, the environment remains top of mind. Green is Gold introduces a simple process that organizations can use to go green. Learn how to do whatever your people think is most important - whether reducing your footprint, enhancing relationships with stakeholders, or adding strength to the bottom line.


Ripe, Rich, Rewarding Work After 50

Julia's new book, Ripe delivers the news that something unprecedented is just beginning to take shape. People over 50 are discovering new passion, purpose, and possibility, and realizing that the most satisfying work of their careers lies ahead. Meet the Ripe pioneers and learn how you can ripen, too. And discover what it means for everyone in the organization at all stages of our careers.


Recent Publications by Julia Moulden

Green is Gold


We Are the New Radicals


Ripe: Rich Rewarding Work after 50


"Julia Moulden spoke at Salon Voltaire during our inaugural series. Her talk was honed, professional, and engaging. We evaluate our speakers on only one metric: how many questions they elicit from the audience. After her talk, the hands went up, and we didn't have enough time for all questioners. We would be delighted to have Julia return to speak at Salon Voltaire". Salon Voltaire

"Entertaining speaker who challenges you to think in new ways about pursuing your dreams of giving back". TD Canada Trust

"Julia practices what she preaches! She is passionate about her commitment to bringing out the best in herself and others. Both personally and professionally. I have always been impressed by Julia's sense of integrity. There is something in her warm and inspiring presentation for everyone -- whether you're eager to discover how you can "do good" or are hungry for fresh ideas" Regional Dean of Parkdale - St. Matthias Bellwoods

"There was laughter, there were tears. You truly connected with them. I'm glad I was part of it". North Superior Workforce Planning Board