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Professional Golfer, Leadership Trainer

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What can you learn about leadership and performance from a champion golfer?

John Haime's successful professional golf career included a 62 at a professional event in Melbourne, Australia, numerous professional championships, and nerve-rattling competition with some of the world's best at international tournaments.

Following his six-year career in professional golf, John began a career in international business with a leading Canadian Trade Policy Consulting firm.  He specialized in international trade strategy, negotiation, and dispute resolution, making written and oral submissions to governments on behalf of Fortune 500 clients. He worked in a variety of industries and assisted companies across the globe.

Emotional intelligence is at the heart of success in golf and in business. John created the learning program, Mastering the Game, which integrates leadership, performance and emotional intelligence with golf, to maximize the potential of leaders and teams. What he shares with clients in the classroom and on the golf course has the power to transform lives as well as bottom lines. John's creative techniques make the learning process enjoyable for golfers and novices alike.

John has written for some of the world's top leadership and business magazines, and regularly appears on radio and television, speaking about golf and leadership performance. His insights help professionals in all walks of life become masters at their own game.

John is a world-class specialist in the area of performance and one of the world's leading authorities in Emotional Intelligence as it relates to performance in sport. He personally coaches top executives in a variety of performance areas. He is a sought after speaker by corporate and sports groups around the world.

He is the author of You are a Contender! Build Emotional Muscle to Perform Better and Achieve More... in Business, Sports and Life published by Morgan James (New York).

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Speaking Topics

Mastering the Game - Spiraling Into Control:

The ability to manage oneself under pressure and achieve consistent, sustainable results is the difference between average and outstanding performers. Understand how Tiger Woods separates himself from the pack and how great performers are able to consistently deliver results. This dynamic presentation is the perfect complement to your executive team, sales or customer service meeting.


Mastering the Game - Leadership Effectiveness At Work, In Life and In Golf:

Designed to maximize individual, leadership and team potential in the corporate environment. The dynamic program links the #1 corporate initiative (leadership) with the #1 corporate activity (golf). It is not necessary to be a golfer to have success in this program. Some of our non-golfer participants are our biggest supporters.


TEEmbuilding for Performance

TEEmbuilding for Performance provides a framework for improving the performance of your team. We utilize industry leading concepts in building teams and adapt leading-edge thinking to a dynamic experience for your team. We move your team from the hum-drum environment of a classroom to an inspiring, motivating (and fun) environment - a championship golf course! The groups achieve observable team results while applying the concepts to great golf activities.


Recent Publications by John Haime

You Are A Contender


"I found the experience of your presentation, from the conference room to the fairways fantastic. The lessons learned were universal to small and large organizations alike."
Manager, Leading Mortgage Company

"Thank-you for one of the best workshops I've attended in 15 years with the company. Very enlightening". Senior District Sales Manager, International Pharmaceutical Organization

"This was a valuable program. The leaders/coaches did a superb job. The pace was good and the time on the golf course was an effective way to reinforce what we learned and discussed in the classroom." District Sales Leader, International Pharmaceutial Organization

"Tremendous feedback from the group John. Lots of great comments on the approach and the delivery. Thank-you so much for a great session." Vice President of Marketing, Insurance Organization