AI Megatrends: Beyond ChatGPT

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How AI is Redefining Your Industry, Profession, Company and Career – And What You Need To Do About It!

Strategic Clarity on AI

There are several ways to understand the impact of AI on your company, industry, association, or profession. As the saying goes – it’s pretty certain you won’t find your job being replaced by AI, but it might be replaced by someone using AI!

That’s why strategic clarity on the impact of AI is necessary, and Jim Carroll can provide you with a highly customized keynote presentation that will examine several issues.

ChatGPT as a Disruptor

These trends will come to change the nature of the way we search, learn, interact, and think. It’s a new era of human-knowledge augmentation and information butlers and on-demand knowledge robots; the arrival of the always-available knowledge servant

But AI Megatrends are Bigger

These are the far-reaching, transformative, and disruptive AI concepts that turn industries upside down, resulting in the arrival of new competitors, massive changes in consumer behavior, the arrival of new products and services, and other major industry changes.

Strategic Clarity on AI

“I help CEOs, senior executives, and association leaders align their strategic objectives to the rapid acceleration of AI within a fast-paced keynote or leadership meeting presentation. It’s based on customized research specific to your industry and organization, and aligned to your unique perspective. It’s insight that matters, is relevant, and actionable!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

Disruptive Change

The end result? Sweeping change in every industry such as: changing the way we diagnose and treat medical conditions; how we assess and underwrite insurance risk; how we use AI in manufacturing for deep supply chain analysis and inventory management.

What You Will Learn

  • the AI Megatrends that are already underway, and those that are yet to come in your industry based on up-to-the-minute detailed research specific to your requirements
  • why the ‘era of acceleration’ with AI will now challenge all your assumptions about your future
  • the strategic opportunities that exist with AI within your industry and organization, on a near, medium, and long-term basis
  • the significant challenges and risks that exist for the same time frame
  • what leading innovators and competitors are doing to align with these fast-moving trends

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