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Tim is a creative, collaborative and passionate leader. A colleague describes him as a "lightning rod in driving positive change." Tim has the head of an entrepreneur, the heart of a coach, and the soul of a singer/songwriter. As a seasoned facilitator and presenter, he has brought value to over 10,000 participants.

Before entering the business world, Tim delighted audiences in stage productions such as Les Miserables (Royal Alexandra Theatre, National Arts Centre), Napoleon (Elgin Theatre), and Fiddler on the Roof (Huron Country Playhouse).

In the mid 1990s he joined Canada's largest private communications firm at the time, ICE, as a Senior Account Director, and worked with many of Canada's biggest and best corporations. He left to pursue his passion for training, becoming a senior consultant and trainer with Horn and Associates where he designed and delivered sales and sales management training programs.

In 1999, his vision was to create the "defacto sales learning leader in Canada." He started Fusion Learning, which became the fastest growing sales effectiveness firm in the country, providing programs for hundreds of corporate clients including Dynamic Funds, Rogers, BDC, Molson Coors, and TD Bank. Tim sold his shares in Fusion in 2010, but continues to work with them.

Tim reunited with ICE's CEO Tim Keeley as a Consultant Storyteller at the Mark of a Leader in late 2012. He now combines his unique skills and passion for leadership to teach, challenge, and inspire businesses and educators through The Mark of a Leader program.

Outside of work, he enjoys time with his wife and 3 kids, and fuelling his passion for music, recently releasing his second successful CD of original songs.

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Speaking Topics

The Mark of a Leader

In this presentation, Tim explores Five Level Leadership: how, when human beings are fully engaged on all five of our levels (Spirit, Imagination, Intellect, Heart, Hands), there is virtually nothing we cannot do. The program can be used to create an unforgettable keynote, or facilitate an event, interspersing amazing stories throughout and customizing the messages to your specific audience and needs.


Five-Level Leadership

This hands-on workshop shows how the principles of Five Level Leadership have been implemented by successful companies around the world. We then challenge and work with audiences to discuss how to bring these ideas to life in their own environment. This workshop uses video examples extensively, and is a mix of leader-led presentation and audience interaction.


The Art of Business

In this session, Tim and a team of experienced artists first introduce the audience to basic visual expression skills, before teams work together to create theme-based artwork. Typically, works express ideas about the audience's market, challenges or opportunities, competitive pressures, the future, and so on. This session stretches participants as they function outside their comfort zones to create art, to work as teams, and to communicate abstract ideas. It is an incredibly powerful, hands-on session which produces powerful insights into your business and how your people work together.


Comedy & Communication

One of the most beloved leadership stories that Tim shares is that of Second City, the most successful training ground in the world for young comics. In this workshop, we tell the hilarious story of Second City's success, highlighting many of the communication and leadership skills which they employ. We then lead the audience through a basic comedy improv exercise which dramatically (and hysterically) illustrates the challenges of day-to-day communication, and provides insights into being better listeners and communicators.

He was one of the best hosts we've had, and this is the 13th year at the event, so I definitely recommend Tim and Mark of a leader at your event