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Stuart Knight is an award winning entrepreneur, critically acclaimed author, and hit producer. He has written, produced and starred in live presentations that have been seen by over one million people and each year speaks internationally helping some of the world’s biggest companies reach new levels of success.

When he is not on the road speaking, you may have seen or heard him on some of Canada’s biggest TV and Radio stations where he is often asked for his expert opinion on high level communication. He is the author of two profound books, You Should Have Asked – The Art of Powerful Conversation and The Madness of My Mind and writes a weekly blog that has over ten thousand followers.

Personally, Stuart is a world traveler, an avid reader and composes music. He is also the founder of one Canada’s biggest speaking extravaganzas called The Top Ten Event, which has garnered over twenty million media impressions. As a renegade visionary, Stuart Knight has taken gut wrenching risks and came out on top.

Today, with hilarious stories and thought provoking insights, he shares the lessons he has learned helping people reach goals they never imagined they could attain.

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Speaking Topics

Four Conversations for Success

How do you feel when the guy behind the counter remembers your name? Why do people work hard for some managers and not others? Do your clients look forward to seeing you? What do you know about your customers that your competition doesn’t? Do you see them? They’re everywhere. That’s right, they are called people and if you don’t really know them, you’re just another company trying to survive. Let Stuart Knight help you distinguish yourself in business by teaching your audience how to build powerful human relationships one powerful conversation at a time. In our technological world companies are quickly forgetting the value of connecting with the people that drive their business. In this hilarious and high energy presentation, Stuart Knight will show you how to positively influence others through meaningful human exchanges that can last a lifetime. It’s time to bring some life to your business life.

The Choice – 5 Decisions All Winners Make

Do you know why some companies are more successful than others? Here’s a hint. It has nothing to do with their people waking up earlier, working harder or having prestigious degrees. They simply make five decisions, and they make them consistently. After speaking to over one million people, and having worked with some of the worlds biggest companies, Stuart Knight has distilled the five key decisions people need to make in order to be true leaders in business. In this funny and exciting presentation Stuart Knight offers five simple lessons that are impossible to forget and will lead you to much greater success.

Recent Publications by Stuart Knight

You Should Have Asked: The Art of Powerful Conversation


Madness Of My Mind

"Stuart Knight is a talented and driven person who literally grabs you by the chin and turns your head toward something excitingly new!" - Senior Editor, 24 Hours Magazine

"My executive team was very happy, and you have received rave reviews. Many people continued discussing your message during dinners and throughout the conference." Global Transaction Services, Citi

"Stuart Knight has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience. At one moment you are laughing hysterically, and the next moment you are on the edge of your seat as he shares profound insights into the world we live in." Sun Microsystems

"Stuart is an amazing talent - inspirational, motivational, wickedly creative and best of all funny! I highly recommend his shows or corporate speaking engagements to everyone or anyone." Redux Media

"Everyone loved your presentation. I will definitely recommend you to other departments and I know that our VP thought you were great and that he'll be spreading the word as well." Rogers

"Stuart's presentations are a combination of entertainment, education, inspiration and fun. They provide a unique environment for individuals to maximize their inter-connections thus promoting ideas and alliances, while generating real momentum within the group." Emerson