Ryan Hreljac

Founder of Ryan's Well

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At only 25 years-old, Ryan Hreljac has changed the lives of over a million people and is working on the next million. He is recognized globally for his work bringing clean water and sanitation to villages in Africa, India and the Caribbean. He has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, dined with Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace, and has collaborated for years with the world-renowned Dr. Jane Goodall. He has received numerous awards including the Order of Ontario, the Canadian Meritorious Service Medal, the Top 20-Under-20 Youth Award, and World of Children’s Founder Award. His work has also been featured in dozens of textbooks and hundreds of books and magazines including Time, Christian Science Monitor, People Magazine, and Reader’s Digest. He is recognized by UNICEF as a Global Youth Leader and by CNN as a CNN Hero.

With 20 years’ experience in international development, community development, motivational speaking, and facilitation — across North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe — the work of this 26-year-old and his foundation has become the story of countless people, young and old, from around the globe who are inspired to make a difference, either in their own communities or, like Ryan, in faraway places.

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Speaking Topics

Changing Lives

This is Ryan’s very inspirational story of his determination and the support of his friends and community that enabled Ryan to change the lives of people on the far side of the world.


What's Motivating Youth Today?

Ryan delivers fascinating insights into what is motivating the generation that would rather text than talk. They are doers, they are just not motivated by the same things as their parents’ generation. Ryan is the perfect speaker to bring a sense of youth, understanding and hope to a business audience.


Tomorrow's Leaders

This is a fabulous topic for schools and universities. Audiences are captivated by Ryan’s inspiring story, particularly because he is so young and has accomplished so much. He enables them to see that they too can change peoples’ lives, even with very small acts.


Global Issues Network Conference
Mexico Ryan delivered an impressive message to our delegates about the power of motivated youth today and that motivation is not necessarily the same as that which motivated earlier generations of youth. Gustavo Estrada.

Infrastructure Services Ottawa
We were very fortunate to have you speak at our All Staff/Employee Recognition …. Your anecdotes were thoughtful, meaningful, and well delivered. We received very positive comments from our teams, you are an inspiration. A. Gonthier P.Eng, ‎Director

City of Ottawa
Ryan was amazing – we will have a formal thank you send shortly to him. The team was amazed at his accomplishments and how humble he was. Very impressive. Once again you came through with a great recommendation, Sean. K. Asiri, Staff Day.

Carleton University
….your contribution to our Leader Development Program was perhaps the most impactful of all of the speakers we had on stage this session. Ben Jeffstein

Rotary International, Minnesota
Our members were captivated by Ryan’s story of perseverance and desire to help others. He is the very embodiment of our motto “Service above Self”. I will recommend him as a speaker to the other clubs in our district. A. Carlson