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Robert Murray is a passionate storyteller and leadership mentor with more than twenty years of Senior Executive Business experience in Fortune 100 and small start-up organizations over 12 countries.

Taking 17 different start-up, integration and turn-a-round initiatives from concept to success in the toughest professional and personal scenarios imaginable, has given Robert insights into leadership and life that you cannot get in a classroom.

His riveting stories with drama, heartbreak, intensity, adventure and laughter connect the everyday to everyone in business and leadership. His tried and tested models make a difference to team engagement and success, and insightful enlightenments remind us about balance, love, life, being more conscious and not taking things too seriously. 

Robert is the Chairman of The GrowthPoint Group, a collection of the finest business minds to be found, advisory Board Member for ElementFour, an innovative company that has developed technology to produce pure drinking water out of atmospheric air, Board Director for Russell Breweries, a Canadian Craft Beer producer, Associate Professor at the Sauder School of Business and the BCIT School of Business, Executive Advisor and Strategic Facilitator to many companies and author of the highly acclaimed book on leadership, It's Already Inside.

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Speaking Topics

Get Your Car Keys

Solution Finder versus Problem Finder
Leaders need to keep growing and stretching their teams. Growth is critical to an organization's survival. Yet sometimes, doing new, higher and faster things is hard for people. This talk deals with a truly unorthodox method that I used to wake up my team to growing.


Lessons From Billy Idol

Do Tough Things with Courage & Heart
I didn't know it at the time but I was running with Billy Idol - the rock star! Just he and I on a brilliant summer morning. We didn't talk about music or concerts or living in the 'fast lane'. We talked about leadership and doing tough things as a leader. Want to know more about what he said?


Doug - July 23rd, 1999

The Day a Colleague Died in My Arms
Doug was a friend of mine. He was like a father to me and many others. He died in my arms one morning. That moment was the beginning of a daylong leadership lesson that was the most profound ever. From tears to just how important your leadership role really is and how you need to understand the impact you have on the people that follow you. This is quite a leadership lesson!


Overreact to Values Violations

Your personal values are everything to you. A company's values are the fabric that holds the culture together. If a leader stands by and watches the values being violated, then it is just a matter of time before the organization will become morally bankrupt. This is one of the most powerful lessons a young leader needs to master!



What they can teach you about emotional intelligence
Great leaders have emotional intelligence - the kind that comes when you learn how to listen without emotion or drama. This is a hilarious look at what teenagers can teach you about leadership and emotional intelligence.


What are you Famous For?

Providing value starts with knowing what value you provide
If you want lifetime employability, you need to be better than anyone else. In this talk, we explore how to nurture your value as a leader, businessperson or entrepreneur.


Being Conscious

Steps to Living with Purpose
How often do we drive to work and after arriving realize that you cannot remember driving through some major intersections? This talk looks at how we can teach ourselves to slow life down a bit and live more consciously with purpose.


Flight Simulator

Pilots train for hours in a simulated environment for what may never happen. The best leaders in the world approach situations the same way by looking a scenarios and how to respond. Learn how you can develop the discipline of using your own leadership simulator, based on my experiences as a pilot.


Cloud Time

Why is that the answers to our most complex problems come while we are standing in the shower? Learn the power of disconnecting from the office and 'goofing off' every once in awhile!


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It's Already Inside