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With tenacity and unwavering resolve, Richard Pound is revitalizing global ethical standards one iconic institution at a time.

Richard Pound has had vast and varied roles over the course of his impressive career. He is a bastion of ethical conduct both in the business and sporting world, providing us with an unwavering standard of excellence to which we should all aspire. At the IOC, he served as Vice-president for two separate terms, as well as member of the IOC Executive Board for two terms between 1983 and 1996. He was chairman of five IOC commissions and has also been active as a member of many other important IOC bodies including; Preparation of the XII Olympic Congress, Olympic Movement, Juridical and Sport and Law.

Relentless and committed in his pursuit of a higher standard for ethical conduct, he has been a COC executive member since 1968 and its secretary general for eight years before becoming COC president in 1977. He was founding president of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), created in 1999 to coordinate the fight against doping in sport. His involvement continues post-2007 as IOC representative on the WADA Foundation Board.

His career has touched nearly all aspects of the Olympic Games and Movement in a variety of significant ways. As an athlete, he was a double Olympic swimming finalist at the 1960 Olympic Games, and captured four medals (one gold, two silver, one bronze) at the 1962 Commonwealth Games. He won several national swimming titles and was elected into the International Swimming and Canadian Swimming Halls of Fame. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada and of l'Ordre national du Québec.

In addition to his impressive career with the IOC and his athletic pursuits, Richard is the author of nine books and editor or author of several other publications, tax-related. He is currently a senior partner of Stikeman Elliott's tax section in Montreal, Chancellor of McGill University, and is a sometime lecturer at; McGill University Faculty of Law, McGill Centre for Continuing Education, and Quebec Real Estate Association.

Richards's long and diverse career brings with it an impressive wealth of knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics. He is able to captivate his audience as he shares with them all he has gained in his years of experience. An ideal speaker to enrich any event program.

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