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Mike Lipkin is a Toronto-based speaker, author, motivator and persuasion coach who has worked in twenty-two countries with over 1,000,000 people. He is also the President of Environics/Lipkin, the specialist motivation and persuasion company in the Environics Research Group, one of Canada’s largest and most sophisticated research houses.

Born in the UK and raised in South Africa, Lipkin immigrated to Toronto in 1987. By combining Environics’ Social Values Research with his personal expertise and experience, he provides people with the confidence and insights to connect with others at the deepest level. He makes the complex simple. He helps people "get it" immediately. Specifically, Lipkin provides people with The Personal Best Practices to embrace change while motivating others to do the same.

Lipkin has also authored four best-selling books: Your Personal Best: The 12 Personal Best Practices to Help You Live at Your Highest Level (2002), Luck Favours the Brave: How the Five Social Super Trends can make you very, very successful (2003), On Fire: The Art of Personal Consistency (2004), and Keeper of The Flame: How to Inspire Others on the Cusp of Change (2006). His newest book is One Life, One Meeting " How to achieve pre-eminence one conversation at a time.

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ONE LIFE, ONE MEETING -How to Build Pre-eminence One Conversation at a Time

"The quality of your future is a direct function of the quality of conversations you have with the people in your life. Extraordinary relationships are created one preeminent conversation at a time." - Mike Lipkin
How can you create conversations that help others grow, contribute and celebrate?
How can you make every meeting an once-in-a-lifetime experience that expands and inspires others?
How can you become someone other people seek out because you consistently deliver so much value to them?
These are some of the questions Mike Lipkin answers for you in his talk and in his book One Life, One Meeting. Drawing on the celebrated Environics Social Values research and his conversations with over a million people in 43 countries, Mike shows you how to build Personal Pre-eminence in every encounter. One Life, One Meeting will give you proven, powerful methods that help you bring out the best in people so they bring out their best for you. His presentations is full of practical, actionable insights, it will expand your capacity to produce remarkable results with others.


LIVE ABOVE THE LINE: Lipkin's Ten Laws for Sales and Service Pre-eminence

In today's brutal marketplace, sales and service excellence won't cut it. Excellence merely gives you the right to be in the game. To win the sales and service game, you have to achieve pre-eminence. You have to become the symbol of superior performance, the benchmark by which all others are judged.

  • Focus on Success
  • Own The Business
  • Prepare To Win
  • Be Courageous
  • Care Deeply about your Customers and Clients
  • Listen Intensely
  • Communicate with Confidence
  • Be a Team player
  • Be Hungry for Kaizen
  • Be Disciplined


THE ULTIMATE SKILL: How to Create Something from Nothing

In this fascinating program, Mike Lipkin will show your people how to acquire the Ultimate Skill that will captivate their clients, wow their customers and differentiate them from their competition in today’s commoditized market.
Lipkin has introduced a simple model that will help your people achieve the breakthrough with their clients and customers. Using examples from conglomerates such as Toyota, IBM and Procter & Gamble, Mike demonstrates how to consistently create new possibilities from existing realities that yield extraordinary rewards.



In the last twelve months, Mike Lipkin has surveyed, interviewed or motivated thousands of people throughout The United States and Canada. Here’s the most powerful message he’s heard: "The New Normal is pushing me to the edge. I’m being squeezed up against my limits " professionally, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially and physically."
In the New Normal, it’s not good enough just being excellent. Excellence merely gives you the right to play. On the Cusp-of-Change, you have to be brilliant. You have to be A Keeper of The Flame: someone who goes first; someone with a heightened awareness of his/her impact on others; someone who is his/her own best coach; someone in total sync with the environment; someone embedded with the authority of both competence and character; someone who inspires others to be their Personal Best;
In his role as Motivator-in-Chief, Lipkin coaches you on how to master the Six Nuclear Dimensions to become a Keeper of The Flame. You will learn how to massively increase your personal leadership through Focus, Strategy, Learning, Emotional-Power, Action and Social Kudos.

THE POWER TO PERSUADE: How To Communicate, Collaborate and Motivate Like a Leader

Environics/Lipkin, Canada’s leading research and motivation company, has conducted research in the field of persuasion with thousands of people over the past twenty years. The new reality is that everyone is a leader. Everyone has been charged with the responsibility of adding value, building the franchise or finding a better way. HVPs " Highly Valued Professionals " understand that the Power To Lead comes from The Power To Persuade. They communicate concisely, collaborate closely and motivate consistently. In this speech, Mike will introduce you to The Ten Insights that will imbue you with the power to win people over by helping them win as well. This is a high-energy, highly-interactive session where you will literally get the opportunity to walk the talk while being coached by Mike.


ON FIRE! The Art of Personal Consistency

The biggest challenge facing all of us is how to always perform at our Personal Best " when it counts. Anyone can have an excellent game. Only the best have game excellence. The best are the ones who consistently break through in the crunch moments. They are the ones who become a model for others through their sustained high-performance.
How can you ensure that you’re Always-On when you need to be on?
How can you instantly self-ignite?
How can you ensure that you’re constantly accessing all of your ability?
How can you fire up everyone around you?


CLIENTBONDING How to Maximise your Success through Values

Client Bonding will significantly strengthen your communication, selling and relationship-building skills. Client Bonding is a world class program on connecting instantly and deeply with others. Client Bondingâ„¢ is a simple, yet powerful, 7-step process that will empower you to connect deeply and instantly with your stakeholders and then make the relationship grow stronger over time.



Mike Lipkin has researched the Ten Traits of Champion Team builders. From Tokyo to Toronto, he has interviewed literally thousands of outstanding team players and teamleaders. Most importantly, Mike has codified his discoveries in his remarkable new program: All Together Now: How To Create and Sustain a Champion Team. The number one attribute of Best-In-Class performers is their ability to bring out the best in others. They are the catalysts who keep elevating the rest of their team to a higher level. Through their courage, words, actions and passion, Champion Team builders are the reason why their teams out-think, out-sell and out-stay the competition. And now Mike Lipkin shows you how everyone can step up and become a keeper of the flame. Specifically, Mike will introduce your people to the following:



There are Nine Life Transforming Trends transforming the way we live and work on the cusp of change. These are the forces that are massively impacting our "success-ability" over the next two years. Like gravity, these trends are working on us all. Irrespective of your industry, geography or function, you'll recognize these Trends as major influencers on your wellbeing and progress. Mike Lipkin has defined these trends from the unique Environics Social Values Research.


This session will outline the Trends for you, demonstrate their implications and provide researched best practices to give your people the competitive edge. Mike Lipkin will also work with you to customize the presentation to the specific challenges facing your organization. He will inform and inspire your people to be extraordinary in the face of dramatic change.


Recent Publications by Mike Lipkin

Luck Favours the Brave


Keeper of the Flame


One Life, One Meeting


"I am writing to thank you for a TERRIFIC presentation at our annual Services College. As you know, this is our premiere education event for our 1200 sellers. Our objective in including you on this year’s program was to give our folks outside perspective and some personal "value add’. You did both, and I have received many positive comments about the usefulness of your material to our team in the business context, and its relevance to them personally- Mike, again, many thanks for tailoring your already excellent material to our needs, and for presenting it with such contagious enthusiasm."    IBM Global Services

"You provided an absolutely ideal mix of motivation and education to the conference delegates and they were thrilled. You lit a fire in them that burned forthe entire conference. I have worked with many speakers in the past but none have done as thorough a job of understanding what makes our sales force unique, and incorporating that understanding into their presentation." BMO Private Client Group

"I have worked with many speakers over the years and you are by far the most professional and responsive to work with. You exceeded our expectations. You were an inspiration to watch and work with and I look forward to working together again."     Maritime Life