Martin St. Louis

Head Coach Montreal Canadiens - Bilingual Inspirational Speaker

Head Coach Montreal Canadiens - Bilingual Inspirational Speaker
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Martin St. Louis, the esteemed 32nd head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, brings his exceptional hockey knowledge and winning mentality to every speaking engagement. As a bilingual speaker, he captivates audiences with his inspiring stories of resilience, leadership, and overcoming challenges. Whether sharing his experiences as a player or discussing his coaching journey, Martin St. Louis leaves a lasting impact on individuals and teams alike.

For bookings and inquiries, contact at 416 420 4525, and discover the transformative power of Martin St. Louis's motivational speeches. His ability to connect with audiences and deliver powerful messages of determination and success make him a sought-after speaker for conferences, corporate events, and team-building sessions. Don't miss the opportunity to engage your audience with the remarkable insights of Martin St. Louis. Contact today.

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Speaking Topics

Hockey Stories - Life in the NHL

What’s it really like to run a professional NHL team? Look behind the boards to hear tales from the bench, locker room and about the players themselves. This unique insight will provide you with lessons on goal setting, the winning edge sprinkled with humor and stories that you won’t hear anywhere else!



What does it take to win a Stanley Cup? Success in the NHL parallels success in business. Learn from the greatest sports leaders today on how they lead their business and, as importantly, deal with setbacks to refocus on meeting their end goals.


Motivating Millennials

One of the hottest debates today is “How do you motivate Millennials to drive your business forward?” Hear from one of the best NHL Coaches, who take a different group of Millennials each year and motivate them to the reach their highest performance both individually and as a team.