Leah Goldstein

Mental Resilience Specialist and No Limits Motivational Speaker

Leah Goldstein, World Champion Kickboxer, Elite Commando, Anti-Terrorism Special Agent, Ultra Endurance Cyclist, Mental Resilience Specialist and No Limits Motivational Speaker
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Leah Goldstein defies stereotypes. Yes, she was a World Champion Kickboxer at the young age of 17, but that’s merely the beginning of her incredible life story. A powerful leader, an anti-terrorism Special Forces Agent, the first female Elite Commando/Krav Maga Instructor in the Israeli Defense Force, an ultra endurance pro cyclist, the first woman to win the Overall Solo Division of the 3000-mile Race Across America cycling event, an inductee into the Jewish Sports Heritage Hall of Fame, an author, professional speaker, and invincible No Limits mindset specialist. Leah’s 12-year career in the Israeli Army and Defense Force came to an end when part of her undercover team was brutally murdered, and she was targeted as next. She convinced Israel to release her and found her salvation on a bicycle. After a life changing cycling accident in 2005 and the massive pain involved in healing and retraining, Leah was told she would never ride again. She fought back against overwhelming odds and prevailed.

From crashes to triumphs, Leah‘s life experience exposes a glimpse of what’s possible when ANYTHING is possible. Leah shares her unbelievable story of how a determined mindset catapulted her to places few have ever experienced. She reveals lessons and strategies on how strengthening your core being can create the empowered mindset of a champion.

Most little girls grow up desiring to be princesses or nurses, but not Leah Goldstein. Leah knew she wanted to be Bruce Lee. Growing up in Vancouver, B.C. with new immigrant parents, Leah was bullied because of her accent and limp. Leah didn’t run from her problems, she faced them. When she attained the World Kick Boxing Champion title at 17, her focus became James Bond. Enlisting in the Israeli Defense Force and becoming the very first female Elite Commando instructor; Leah transitioned into a special-forces unit, combating terrorism and violent crimes.

When the extreme lifestyle of the secret police took its toll, Leah was released to pursue her passion for professional cycling. After a life-threatening cycling accident in 2005 that threatened her cycling career, Leah went on to win one of the world’s most excruciating physical challenges - the Ultra-Endurance, 3000 Mile Race Across America in 2011. Despite Shermer’s neck on Day 4, Leah won the female solo division with her head tied back in intolerable pain for 8 days. In 2021, at 52 years old, Leah made history becoming the 1st female in the 39-year history of Race Across America, to WIN the overall solo division.

While continuing to train and compete in ultra cycling races around the world, Leah delivers motivational speeches internationally. Leah's is a story of the will to succeed and the commitment to reach your dreams. It’s an inspiring message of strength, perseverance, and the determinant will to never give up. Leah teaches her audience to become aware of their own mental toughness, elevate their expectations and create attitudes that produce winning mindsets. She speaks on mental resilience, resolution, and hard work. Her journey of adventure, harrowing obstacles, personal and societal challenges have a lasting impact. Leah addresses the issues surrounding discrimination, adversity, and abuse: and empowers all who hear her to push past their perceived boundaries.

Leah Goldstein draws on her background as a World Kickboxing Champion, Krav Maga Instructor for the Israeli Elite Commandos, IDF anti-terrorism special forces agent, and Ultra Endurance Pro in taking on these vital issues and powerful interests. She has been interviewed by countless broadcast media including The New York Times, CBC, Global News, CTV, The Guardian, HER Magazine, The Times of Israel, Canadian Cycling Magazine and countless others. Leah volunteers her time and supports At Risk Youth Boys and Girls Clubs and offers encouragement on perseverance and commitment to accomplishing dreams and goals, even in the face of hardship and danger.

Leah Goldstein was born in Vancouver, B.C. She lives in Vernon, B.C. with her pups Brutus and Cheeko. Leah spends her time between Canada and the United States where she trains during the winter months. Leah personal memoir, "No Limits" sweeps its readers into the mind of a champion – battling bullies, sexism, terrorism, and the driving force to live beyond a merely ordinary existence. The “No Limits” documentary, based on Leah’s life, will be released in 2023.

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Speaking Topics

NO Limits Keynote – Overcoming Adversity

In this keynote Leah inspires audiences with her incredible stories of moving forward despite all obstacles in her way. She shares her decision-making mantra that is the first step to achieving your goals; to believe in it! Believing in it is key to the resilient mindset. It will allow you to overcome any obstacle and carry you across any finish line.

  • Leah uncovers the key to reaching your goals - the gift that everyone is born with.
  • Leah shares the way in which you use your mind when striving to reach a goal will have a direct impact on the results.
  • Leah reveals the best way to respond to negative criticism.

Unleash the Power Within – Mastering Mental Endurance

Achieving higher performance levels or what seems like an impossible goal is nothing new to Leah Goldstein. Since the age of 14 when she achieved her black belt and at 17 when she became the World Kick Boxing Champion, Leah learned that training her mind was as important if not more important than training her body.

In this keynote, she shares why her ability to be stronger than her competitors mentally has been key to her success. She shares why we can often sabotage what is possible by not having the mental resilience to endure moving past our comfort levels. We live using stimulants or "crutches" to endure but Leah knows that these methods can never carry you past the hurdles you didn’t expect. Instead, they can create an excuse or an I can't mindset.

Leah shares the three ways she trains her mind to be her most powerful resilient tool and how focusing on how you use your mind when striving to reach a goal will have a direct impact on the results.


Unlocking Diversity Potential – The Journey from Hidden Bias to Unlimited Opportunity

In society we still seem to struggle with diversity in gender, age, ethnicity, cultural differences, sexual orientation, and social status. Leah shares her personal stories of facing bias through her journey in competitive sports and anti-terrorism organizations. She shares how her determination opened doors that were otherwise firmly shut. And once opened, she proved that success can be best achieved through the creation of a diverse team all working toward the same goal. Leah instills the deep realization that acceptance can have rewarding and lasting societal impacts and that a shift towards a culture of diversity will create opportunities for individuals, organizations and the world.


Q&A for Leah Goldstein

  1. Now that you have won the Overall Solo Division of the world’s toughest 3000-mile cycling race (Race Across America), what is next for an endurance athlete of your stature?
    EVERYTHING! Life is short, so I don’t procrastinate on the things I want to do. If I decide I’m doing something, I start that very moment.
  2. Where does your mental resilience come from?
    I don’t fully know, but what I do know is… I don’t let my fears dictate my life. Along with that, I’m not afraid to fail. You can only fail if you are actually doing something.
  3. Do you have any regrets?
    I’ll only ever regret the things I’ve wanted to do but never done, never the things I’ve done. This is a promise I made to my grandmother before she passed away. You don’t stop living while you’re still alive. No limits.

”We had the pleasure of having Leah Goldstein as our keynote during the 2023 Royal LePage National HeadStart Conference. Watching the audience lean in and listen to Leah share her incredible life experiences was a conference highlight for me. One of the most challenging things as a conference manager, is finding speakers that will capture the attention of everyone in the room. Leah not only achieved this, but she also managed to hold their attention for her entire presentation. Her story is different than anything I have heard before and her delivery has just the right amount of shock, humour, energy, and inspiration.”
Sherryl Parsons - Event Manager & Co-Owner, RARE AFFAIRS EVENT MANAGEMENT INC.

“Leah Goldstein has spoken at various events, conventions and conferences and the feedback is awesome. She is very direct, funny and speaks to why and what holds us back from living better lives. Her story is simply unbelievable.”
Linda Edgecombe - Re-Invention Strategist, Author, Speaker

“So inspiring listening to Leah Goldstein this morning at the APCO Canada conference. Success doesn’t come without failure. Never give up. Your mindset is important. Find one thing you can hold onto and build from there.” 
Sharon Koch - MA, ENP Esri Canada

“A well-deserved standing ovation for the incredibly inspiring Leah Goldstein today from the BC Hydro conference in Kelowna! That’s twice in less then a week! I loved that I could be there!! I can’t wait to see her documentary!”
Mary Ann Chartrand – CEO Top Safety Speakers

“We attended a corporate conference and had the privilege to hear Leah Goldstein speak.An internationally renowned athlete and speaker. Among her accomplishments are Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing Champion. She served in the Israeli Military overcoming many obstacles for a woman in action. As a professional cyclist she has broken many records as well as rode in the world's toughest bike race-Race Across America.Her story is amazing and will humble you to the core. "No Limits" describes this Amazing Woman perfectly!”
John and Kim Acevedo – The Acevedo Team

“Leah, you knocked it out of the ballpark! I am rarely speechless and felt like a blithering idiot trying to express myself after your talk. You completely “WOW”ed them. I can't thank you enough for bringing your fabulous light to WOW.”
Christine Awram – Founder, Women of Worth Conferences

“I enjoyed hearing you speak and meeting you last week in Penticton. What I did not anticipate was enjoying your book so much! I hear motivational speakers often, and while their stories are compelling, their books are often weak and poorly written. You *nailed* it! What an inspiring page message & page-turner. I finished reading it around 2:00 am! Good on you.”
Connie Lebeau – Connie Lebeau Homes