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Award-Winning Indigenous Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author

Virtual Keynote SpeakerKendal Netmaker, Professional Indigenous Issues Speaker, Virtual Motivational Speaker, Toronto Raptors President
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An award-winning Indigenous speaker Kendal Netmaker is a master storyteller who uses his natural gift to help people shift their mindset and find the success they seek. He speaks professionally to thousands of people worldwide on resilience, leadership, and the power of telling your story, weaving his real-life experiences into motivating lessons that empower and build more resilient leaders and organizations.

From Sweetgrass First Nation, Netmaker and his siblings were raised by their single mother. Life wasn’t easy growing up on the reserve surrounded by poverty and few opportunities, but one moment changed his life forever. In grade five, he and his best friend shared a love of sports, but his family couldn’t afford extracurricular activities. So, his friend’s family stepped in. They paid the fees and drove him to his games and practices. It wasn’t until he was older that Netmaker understood exactly what this family did for him, and how different his life would have been without them. It’s this that has motivated him throughout his life and drives him still to this day.

Today, Netmaker is a leading entrepreneur whose passion to succeed is contagious. He has founded and invested in five businesses, including Neechie Gear, a lifestyle apparel brand that gives back a percentage of their profits to help underprivileged youth take part in sports. Netmaker has won over 25 business awards, including being named one of Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40” and being runner-up at the YBI Global Entrepreneur of the Year. He is also the author of Driven to Succeed: From Poverty To Podium.

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Speaking Topics

The Future of Indigenizing Work

The future of work will be positively influenced by Indigenous participation in the workforce. As the fastest growing population in Canada, there is opportunity for this new cohort of employees with diverse experiences to join your teams and contribute to the impact of your organization.
In this powerful keynote, Kendal takes you into Indigenous Peoples’ worldview and how it can complement your organization. Indigenous Peoples face a significantly low employment rate compared to non-Indigenous peoples – Kendall shares real-life stories on the obstacles Indigenous Peoples face while trying to secure and maintain long-term employment. He shares solutions many industries can utilize to successfully engage and maintain long-term employment with Indigenous team members. Together, we can make Reconciliation a priority in our country.

Attendees will gain:

  • Deep insights into engaging the Indigenous workforce
  • Understand how technology impacts Indigenous groups
  • Learn best practices in Indigenous hiring and engagement
  • Educating about the importance of Indigenous spirituality and beliefs

Indigenous Diversity Awareness & Education

Indigenous peoples are the fastest growing demographic in Canada, and there are over 370 Million Indigenous people worldwide in over 90 countries. We must continue to raise awareness and educate to work together for a prosperous future.

In this powerful keynote, Kendal takes you into Indigenous peoples’ worldview and shares his heartfelt stories of living and thriving in two different worlds. He explains the importance of understanding everyone’s stories, beliefs, and way of life. Kendal’s offering is to plant seeds of hope so that we all are working, succeeding, and prospering together.

Attendees will gain:

  • Deep insights into Indigenous peoples’ way of life
  • Educating about the importance of Indigenous spirituality and beliefs
  • Understand the similarities/differences between different Indigenous groups in Canada
  • Creating awareness on how to be respectful towards one another and work together

DRIVEN! The Ultimate Resiliency Formula

Every day we are faced with personal and professional challenges. It takes energy and perseverance to overcome these obstacles – through the power of storytelling, Kendal shares what it takes to refuel, recharge and reenergize our resiliency to be successful in everything we do.

In this high-energy, inspiring keynote, Kendal takes us on his profoundly moving personal journey from overcoming life’s challenges to achieving extraordinary success. From his bestselling book, Driven to Succeed, Kendal shares his Ultimate Resiliency Formula that will motivate attendees to shift their mindset to achieve their ultimate purpose for a successful life.

Attendees will gain:

  • Steps to develop a resilient mindset to stay positive and focused
  • Tools to set and achieve your goals
  • Reprogramming your mind for success and abundance
  • Creating your personal formula to stay DRIVEN!

DRIVEN! The Leader Within

YOU are the best leader you’ll ever have. That means being the best version of yourself. Great leadership is challenging, but you will achieve success with the right mindset, tools, and practice.

In this keynote, Kendal shares practical and effective leadership strategies that everyone can implement in their daily life. He leads by example, motivating and inspiring audiences by sharing authentic stories from his own experiences. Kendal talks about the values, behaviours, and unwavering dedication it takes to lead yourself through life, both personally and professionally. Being a great leader is contagious, and you will inspire others to follow!

Attendees will gain:

  • Gain deep insights into the habits of successful leaders
  • Implement tools to become the leader in your own life
  • Understand how to support others to be better leaders
  • Leadership secrets to use everyday to stay DRIVEN!

Build A World-Class Brand in a Digital World

This keynote is ideal for entrepreneurs or companies looking to become world-class and build their brand in our digital world. Kendal reveals his secrets that led him to grow his brand to dozens of retail locations, win Entrepreneur of the Year four times, and become a world-class speaker. Kendal empowers people to take their brands to the next level by creating strategies for global impact and building your digital plan. Build your brand. Become world-class!

Attendees will gain:

  • Strategies to evolve your digital strategy to increase your sales and impact
  • Gain deep insights into attracting major customers through a world-class brand
  • Create branding strategies to stand out in the marketplace
  • Discover essential branding secrets to growing your business for the long haul

“Kendal is an engaging speaker with a fascinating Saskatchewan success story everyone should hear. By sharing his own personal challenges and successes, he delivers a powerful message that will leave you feeling inspired to be a better leader. He was the perfect keynote speaker at our all staff day that focused on fostering a high performing team. Thanks Kendal!”
Linsay Rabyj, Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport

“Kendal Netmaker is not only a dynamic speaker, he engaged with our staff. Kendal’s talk revealed how anyone can overcome adversity in life by discovering your own core values as a leader. We received nothing but numerous of positive comments regarding Kendal’s ability to connect with the audience for duration of his presentation. The overall survey of our team was a superior level of satisfaction. We would recommend Kendal Netmaker to any group. The FMB has received his book and I look forward to reading it!”
Brian Titus, CAFM, COO, First Nations Financial Management Board

“Kendal gave a keynote at our annual town hall – an event with more than 200 public affairs staff from the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces. The audience was visibly moved by Kendal’s story – he was genuine, authentic and positive. He brought personal insight into overcoming adversity and offered constructive advice that applies to nearly every context – even the military one! Kendal is a talented speaker and it was an absolute privilege to host him.”
Kirsten Goodnough, Director of Outreach and Speechwriting, Department of National Defence

“It was wonderful to have Kendal at Laurentian University this year. Inspirational and a wonderful example of what one can achieve! We’re looking forward to having him back in the future!”
Dr. Sheila Cote-Meek, Associate Vice-President, Academic & Indigenous Programs Laurentian University

“Kendal was recently the featured speaker at our Young Indigenous Business Conference in Parksville, BC. As the organizers of the conference, we found Kendal to be great to work with. The young business people and future business people at our conference thoroughly enjoyed Kendal’s presentation. They found it to be very inspiring and motivating. Kendall also offered a lot of great business tips and advice.
Kendal Netmaker is a true role model to our indigenous youth.”
Al Little, General Manager at NEDC

“Kendal’s presentation not only reasonated with our members but also with the students we invited to our event to hear his story. His message about hard work, and the importance of paying your success forward is truly inspiring. You are a wonderful role model for our youth.”
Shantel Lipp, President of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association