Jeff Macinnis

Explorer and entrepreneur, First Person to Sail the 4,000km Northwest Passage.

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Jeff MacInnis' epic 100-day expedition through the ice-choked Northwest Passage survived one of the harshest environments on the face of this planet... the passage  that has claimed more lives than Mount Everest.  This journey was made in an 18-foot boat named PERCEPTION - using only the wind and a dream as the sources of power.

In athletics, Jeff competed on the Canadian National Ski Team, racing in World Cup events and winning the Belgium National Downhill Championships in 1984. This was the era of the "Crazy Canucks," and through them Jeff learned valuable insights into outstanding team effort.

As an explorer, Jeff was also an intricate member of the first team to journey overland from London to New York. The Overland Challenge was a grueling 25,000 km journey around the world. This expedition was a 7 million dollar, eight part, prime time, "live action" British television series.   Jeff is the author of a National Geographic Magazine story and a best-selling book called "Polar Passage". A worldwide Rolex magazine advertisement features his Northwest Passage Expedition. He has presented 400 lectures in nine countries to Fortune 500 companies and associations. 

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Speaking Topics

Corporate Challenge

Imagine a 90-minute program that is completely immersive into the world of high performance. The Corporate Challenge is that program. Instead of a speech about leadership, teamwork, tenacity and creativity, this program brings the best of these characteristics out in your group.
The Corporate Challenge is inspired by Eco-Challenge. Eco-Challenge is considered the toughest race on earth. Good Morning America describes Eco-Challenge as "the race that eats Ironman for breakfast." The messages of courage, perseverance and human spirit are riveting. A safe and exciting course will put in place at your conference location.
Learning principles include:

  • We are better together
  • Navigate with Knowledge
  • Momentum Matters
  • Course Correction
  • Tenacity and cooperation



Jeff MacInnis has a ten-year track record of helping organizations build world-class teams and accelerate corporate performance. People learn by doing and each event combines intellectual and physical challenges that fascinate people, and build confidence and excitement about the future. Learning exercises such as The Journey, The Story, The Music and The Challenge, demonstrates outstanding teamwork and communication skills that are implemented to fuel momentum that create compelling new possibilities.


Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge is a one-hour learning program that produces 150% to 300% timed performance improvement. The participants are amazed by what they achieve when they assume leadership and work better together. More than 60 companies, from many different industries, have taken the Leadership Challengeâ„¢ and produced profound results.
Performance insights including leadership leverage, momentum matters, course correct, learn from mistakes, fail faster and navigating with knowledge are all clearly learned. Leaders emerge by assuming roles that help move the team forward. Leadership in this exercise is not glamorous; it is often down on your hands and knees pointing the way ahead.  


One Great Day Program

To maximize the learning, we use several proven strategies to bring out the best in your people. The first is the "Secret Schedule System", which uses drama, mystery and intrigue to fascinate people about their future. Like life, and certainly business, the participants never know what is next. It unleashes tremendous creativity and solutions surface. Another strategy is the use of world-class examples of excellence to inspire and motivate your people. Jeff’s one-hour speech is so powerful because he crafts real stories from world-class achievement that translate exactly to the challenges facing each specific audience. The speech uses National Geographic quality pictures and broadcast quality video to immerse the audience in stories including World Cup Downhill Ski Racing during the Era of the "Crazy Canuks", leading the first team to Sail the Northwest Passage and a World "Top 10" finish at Eco-Challenge 2001.


Race To WIN - Business Race Program

Inspired by the Eco-Challenge, this is a one hour long, safe, fun and exciting world-class business challenge led by Jeff MacInnis and his team. Just like Eco-Challenge, the group is divided into teams of four, shown how to navigate with a compass, then given a passport with all the details. Teams navigate the challenging hour long route by walking, not running, getting their passports signed at each checkpoint. Over 50 companies from four countries have benefited from this compelling race program.


"Everyone agreed that Jeff related to the audience very well and in fact reminded us that there really is adventure to be had for those who are willing to translate their dreams into action." IBM