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Guy Cabana is an expert international conference speaker and author who communicates his message with enthusiasm and conviction in the fields of negotiations, nonverbal communication and motivation. He has written numerous training courses and articles in major magazines on the process of negotiation and non-verbal communications. Mr. Cabana is the author of the best-selling books: The 10 Secrets of the highly effective negotiator and Beware! Your Gestures Will Betray You as well as Lifting Mountains, the Art of Doing the Impossible.

Successful business relationships are becoming the number 1 challenge in the world today. Each result in a negotiation is measurable and success is quantifiable. More than ever, today's business world demands that you master the art of effective negotiations. We offer the tools that guarantee you a complete understanding of the negotiation process and its mechanism.

He is an expert who will help you build bridges and overcome obstacles that stand between your dreams and your new reality. He will assist in building bridges that will lead you from your daily challenges to complete success. His mission is to help you build prosperity and long lasting results.

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Efficient Negotiation:

Successful negotiation depends on the will of both parties to reach an agreement based on trust, mutual respect and the issues at stake. Learn how to control a situation rather than exercising power to reach permanent and profitable agreements.Evaluate your skills as an effective negotiator Recognize the psychological basis to obtain a win/win approach Make fully use available resources and capacities Apply new strategies and techniques according to the situation Reach win/win type of agreements


Lifting Mountains: The Art of Doing the Impossible

All human beings have the capacity to lift mountains and to accomplish the impossible. However, few of us succeed at reaching our goals because we do not know how to get there.
This presentation is one of transformation: it challenges you to revolutionize your current life and delivers the essential keys of success. With simplicity, humour, and stories, Cabana shares principles and concrete techniques to gain all that you wish. You will be called upon to look at yourself and to ask whether you are carrying out your raison d'etre in this world.


Talking Without Words

The body talks! Non-verbal communication provides the essential tools that allow to interpret a message with the precision of a doctor's scalpel. This silent language reveals the true emotions and feelings with more precision and transparency than words can express. After this presentation, you will never look at people in the same way. This is a highly interactive and humorous presentation for all participants.