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Award-winning Teacher, Lawyer and Specialist on Boards of Directors – Virtual Governance Expert

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Professor Leblanc is a tenured, award-winning teacher and researcher, consultant, lawyer and specialist on boards of directors. He is also a former recipient of Canada's Top 40 Under 40™ award. The award recognizes individuals from across Canada based on accomplishments demonstrating vision, leadership, innovation and achievement.

Richard Leblanc brings to business and professional audiences a depth of information from his extensive research and work with boards of directors and training and development of leaders and managers.

Engaging, dynamic, and personable and because of his work with leading companies and current research, Richard is always on the cutting edge of emerging global developments. His insight has guided leaders of organizations through his teaching, writing and direct consultation to government regulators and corporations.

Author, or contributing author, of dozens of scholarly and practitioner articles, books and programs, Richard's work has been described by various faculty at Harvard, Yale, London Business School and elsewhere as "great," "much needed," "wonderful and pragmatic," "thorough" and "nothing short of remarkable," as well as by Fortune 500, NYSE, FTSE and other company leaders as "leading edge," "ground-breaking," "valuable guidance," "indispensable," "compelling" and "exceptional."

Richard adopts a framework for governance effectiveness developed over several years. His work, directly or indirectly, has impacted companies throughout the world, including those that have used Richard's methodology to strengthen their governance effectiveness and accountability practices. He is frequently consulted by stakeholders - such as companies, investors, associations, partnerships, not-for-profits, the media and regulators - for the latest developments and trends and customizes his speaking engagements to please all types of audiences.

Instead of focusing on what boards should be doing from the outside, Richard studies what boards actually do from the inside, how they are led, work and behave. He is the leading proponent of competency-based recruitment and assessment, a bold new approach to governance effectiveness. Richard shows how effective boards and committees oversee management, work as a team, and add enormous value to the organization. He presents a model of board effectiveness.

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"...contribution to the field of enhanced corporate governance... unique and significant... fact-based insights are most compelling." NYSE bank

"...ground-breaking work in the field of corporate governance." CEO of an institutional shareholder

"very informative...work is great." Chief banking regulator

"...assessment model of boards of directors works and is leading edge." Vice chair of a Fortune 500 company

"a new yardstick that will lead us into a new era of governance." Chair of board of a health care organization

"...remarkable... compelling." Chair of board of an Asia-Pacific retirement fund