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From Madison Avenue, to Corporate America, to the halls of academia, Catherine Kaputa has perfected her ability to market products, places, and companies.

Early in her career, Catherine led the award-winning "I Love NY" campaign at Wells, Rich, Greene. For over ten years, she was SVP, Director of Global Advertising and Community Affairs at Citi Smith Barney and Shearson Lehman Brothers.

Catherine developed and taught a graduate-level course in branding and marketing at New York University's Stern School of Business and is the author of the award-winning book, You Are a Brand!

Corporate icons, star entrepreneurs and Hollywood entertainers all understand what it takes to be in control and in demand - a unique brand. And in today's digital age, we're all entrepreneurs whether we like it or not. Personal branding can give you more control and bring value to you and your company. Personal branding can do for your career or business what the gym does for your body.

After years of working in the advertizing industry, Catherine came to appreciate that one of branding's greatest potentials was to help people not just products - it's for individuals to define and own their career identity and create one of  their own business success.

One of Catherine's special interests is helping women achieve leadership success. In The Female Brand, Using the Female Mindset to Succeed in Business, Catherine introduces The Top Five Female Aptitudes for Self Branding, and shows women how to leverage all their assets to propel business success.

Catherine's entertaining style and compelling content make her a dynamic keynote speaker, workshop leader, panel expert and town hall moderator at company meetings and conferences. In her talks and workshops, Catherine shows you how to use the principles from the commercial world of brands and apply them to the best asset you have - You.

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Speaking Topics

Personal Branding, Soft Power, and Leadership Presentations:

How to create more business success for yourself, your company and be a stronger leader using personal branding and soft power skills. Based on her book, You Are a Brand!, winner of the Ben Franklin Award, Best Career Book, and a Top 10 Business Book in China.

Innovation, Creativity, and Brand-Building Topics:

How corporate intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs innovate and use breakthrough branding tactics to transform a small idea into a big brand. Based on her new book, Breakthrough Branding.


Female Leadership Seminars:

How to create more female leaders using female aptitudes and strengths more effectively in the business world. Based on her book, The Female Brand.


Communication, Selling, and Persuasion Workshops:

How to improve your communication techniques, persuasion and influence to close sales, motivate, and sell your ideas.


Recent Publications by Catherine Kaputa

Breakthrough Branding: How Smart Entrepreneurs and Entrapreneurs Transform a Small Idea into a Big Brand


The Female Brand


You are a Brand!


"Catherine Kaputa came in like a whirlwind of fresh ideas that turned my thinking about my brand upside down! She gave me the ideas and motivation to define and differentiate my personal brand, to think bigger about myself and talents, and the tactics to bring maximum benefit to me and the company I work for." Microsoft

"Your brand can make you a star in the business world - or break you. That's why Catherine Kaputa and her ideas on personal branding can make such a difference. Her speaking event at PepsiCo was very well received. She gives those who attend her talks, practical and strategic steps to achieving what they once saw as an impossible dream." PepsiCo

"Catherine's advice is not to be ignored. I read her book a year ago and was fortunate to be able to get her as a speaker at one of our events. Big impact and advice. Have her speak to your group... you won't regret it." Intel

"We are receiving rave reviews on your session with us. I'm starting a blog on the notes taken by several members. They were very impressed with you and the need to brand ourselves." AT&T

"We have had phenomenal feedback on the event; it has been the most highly attended of the year and we are getting numerous emails of thanks from members!" Cardinal Health

"Thank you so much for your world class presentation on personal branding. I have attended many keynote presentations and have never before left with so many concrete steps to improve performance and with such an overwhelming sense of empowerment. This is exactly the right message, my organization and I needed to hear." Whirlpool

"Everyone loved the presentation. You did a great job motivating our high potential women to achieve great things. It was witty with great stories to support points. It really got the group talking about personal and business goals." Dow Jones