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Barbara Crowhurst is a retail specialist, business coach, writer, international speaker and trainer. Her comprehensive and detailed approach to retail comes from years of working in the industry. Her career has taken her from working with some of the largest corporate retail stores in North America to consulting with thousands of owner-operators. Barbara’s comprehensive Retail Makeovers and Retail Store Design have become the retail industry’s sensation.

Barbara writes regularly for Retail News, The Retail Council of Canada Newsletter, Regalo - Mexican Retail Magazine and The Home Fashion Magazine US. She is often asked for interviews by leading North American newspapers and retail industry magazines - speaking on matters of interest to retailers.

Barbara’s training seminars are standing room only. Her message to retailers, "Effective retail is in the detail". Speaking engagements include: CGTA Gift Show - Toronto, Atlanta Apparel Show- Atlanta, Washington Gift Show " Washington, Atlanta Gift Show- Atlanta, Mexican Gift Show and work with The Retail Council of Canada.

Barbara will address and answer the following questions during her virtual presentation:

Are you struggling with sales during this pandemic?
Are you leveraging customers and clients alike  by networking virtually?
What can you do if you didn’t keep up to the pace of the virtual  and on line world?
I don’t understand why Instagram and  Facebook are so important?  Or that matter how to use them.
I don’t know how to keep in touch with my customer . Do I have a chance to regain that connection ?
Do you have a sales strategy for the pandemic?
What are you doing to keep your health at its  greatest peak performance ? Why is that  so important during this stressful time ?

What we know for sure:

1. Retail will never be the same ever.  So what will it be like ?
2. Retailers have the possibility of disappearing if they don’t do this one thing that  I can share with them. What is this ?
3. Retailers have to change the way they do business  or they will continue to contribute to the wealth of one man. Who is this man? 

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Speaking Topics

COVID-19 Retail Emergency Strategy Survival Plan: Help is on the way!

During this hour plus long session, Barbara Crowhurst  shares what retailers and all other  businesses must do to get thru  unprecedented levels of anxiety and economic uncertainty. Despite current conditions the economy will recover and so will businesses.  Barbara will take you thru point by point from closing your doors to foot traffic to servicing you clients from exactly where you are right now.  Don’t disappear. Fight for the right you have earned to be in business now and after the emergency is over.

Key Take Aways:

  • Establishing  Health and Safety Protocol. Why this matters. How best  to communicate this to your clients and what it ultimately means to you taking charge of how you do business.
  • What strategies and why you should  share them  with the people that  work for you  and  support  your business.
  • Learn what budgets you must visit and review. How to see that information in real terms. Why that action is so important to your survival.
  • Manage your cash flow. How best to do that and immediately.
  • How best to work with your suppliers  during this pandemic.
  • Keep in touch with your customers. Don’t disappear in their lives.
  • What distribution channels are available to you right at your finger tips . Which channels you must invest in no matter what.

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"Barbara is a true professional, upbeat and specific in her references to retail customers and their behavior and really understands the true-to-life challenges of the retail environment. Feedback from attendees at our custom tailored programs and topics have included comments such as "a pleasure to listen to and participate", "dynamic and meaningful" and "practical and informative". She has a way of taking information and presenting it in a way that people can understand."
CGTA Gift Show

"Barbara is very comfortable delivering the message as a Retail Makeover Specialist. She teased our retailers on four key topics, which in the not too distant future, will be developed into a complete workshop." ABSDA plans to utilize Barbara’s skills in our professional development programs. Atlantic Building Dealers Association

" Thank you for participating in our AmericasMart Retail Seminar Program. Your retail seminars, which teach our buyers how to run more effective and profitable retail businesses, are very informative and very well attended. The participants in the seminars leave feeling they have gained important insight needed to ensure success of their business. We appreciate your time with us at AmericasMart and value your expertise as a retail makeover speaker and trainer. We would certainly recommend yours services to any company " AmericasMart, Atlanta