Virtual Keynote Speaker Carla Guerrera – Futurist and Urban Development Expert

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Virtual presenter and futurist Carla Guerrera Canada’s Virtual Speakers Bureau is thrilled to announce our newest Virtual Keynote Speaker Carla Guerrera.  Carla Guerrera is a globally recognized real estate and urban development professional.  Carla combines the fields of real estate development and urban planning is a respected advisor, business consultant and speaker on topics pertaining to urban design, people, architecture and city policy. Carla has delivered over $1 B of complex, mixed-use real estate development across Canada’s top markets over the past 20 years. Notable projects include leading the West Don Lands waterfront revitalization on Toronto’s waterfront, one of the world’s most advanced waterfront revitalization initiatives. She has been awarded the prestigious Urban Land Institutes Top 40 Under 40 Global Land Use Professionals Award, as well as Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40 Award.

Carla is an international expert, and her Virtual Keynote Speeches focuses on Inoculating the City: Life After COVID-19

This Virtual keynote discussed the emerging global trends on how we how we will live, work and play. While the world awaits a vaccine, how will we inoculate our cities, workplaces, homes, and families against another pandemic? For example, how will fluid organizations balance the mental- and physical health of employees with new remote/office work hybrids? Will social distancing kill mass transit and uber in favor of driving alone — or will cities turn streets over to cyclists, scooters, and pedestrians?

Carla’s second Virtual Keynote Presentation is Called the Future of Cities post Covid-19 – Transform Underutilized Lands, Revitalize Our Cities, Recover our Economy

It’s time for the new normal. But what exactly is the new normal? For the city building sector, it could be using a confluence of unprecedented new opportunities to unlock development, drive economic recovery and transform communities into inclusive, affordable, climate-positive places for generations to come. And it all starts with the redevelopment of underutilized lands to revitalize our cities.

While the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing governments to stimulate the economy, revitalization of our cities on underutilized lands is a tried-and-true method to boost our economy and provide transformative benefits to cities.

– Evidence from revitalization projects on former industrial lands globally show that revitalization has significant economic, social and environmental benefits that unlock successful development and create communities where we can all thrive.

– Drawing on case studies across Canada and the UK we will explore the unparalleled opportunity to reinvest, rebuild, and reimagine our cities, while unlocking vital development opportunities and catalyzing economic recovery.

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