Top Virtual Conference Keynote Speakers and Top Webinar Presenters

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Virtual conferences zoom conferences and webinars are a perfect way to host events when your team is working from home due to the Covid-19 Crisis. These events can also be more interactive with the use of online questions and polls. Whether you are looking to host a virtual conference, convert a live conference to virtual, or do both, below are some of the most experienced Canadian presenters who can talk on a range of topics.


Mark DeVolder – Change Guru

Organizational change expert Mark DeVolder is an expert on adapting to extreme conditions and encouraging peak performance and engagement among employees, so much so that his clients know him as “The Change Specialist.” Mark offers timely keynotes on change, disruption and resilience adapted into pre-recorded and live virtual keynotes as well as webinars.

General Rick Hillier – Former Chief of Staff

Retired Former Chief of Staff for the Canadian Armed Forces and leadership guru General Rick Hillier is the perfect keynote speaker to partner with in uncertain times. He specializes in helping people lead through volatility, complexity and uncertainty; in leading as if your life depended on it, quite literally. He offers virtual keynotes and webinars to clients who want the expertise of a top thought leader with years of military service.

Scott Stratten – Marketing Expert

An award-winning advertiser and brand strategist, Scott Stratten has a unique perspective on culture and consumer behavior. His expertise on leveraging the power of data analytics and unlocking the potential of big data makes him a timeless option for organizations looking to capitalize on rapidly changing trends and stay sharp in the hyper-connected world. Scott is available for pre-recorded keynotes, live virtual keynotes, and webinars.

Dr Sean Hayes – Organizational Behaviorist

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted so many different aspects of our lives. From us isolating ourselves at home to the way we shop for food there are so many things have changed in a very short time. One major area that has seen a sharp increase is the number of people now working from home. Learn more, about the COVID-19 And The Virtual Workplace.  An expert on optimism and resilience, Dr Sean Hayes explores the mind-body connection to inspire people to lead, work and live more effectively.

Josh Linkner – Innovation Leader and Business Leader

Called the “Innovator of the Decade,” Josh Linkner is the creator of both the first smartphone and digital assistant. A disruption expert and “edutainer” with a background in theater, he’s a great option for a virtual event. Josh offers clients live keynotes, webinars, and custom interactive events.

Ann Douglas – Parenting Expert

Parenting expert and author helps the work at home parents manage both kids and working. As parents, we can’t help but be affected by what’s happening in with parents working from home. Is it any wonder then that so many of us are feeling anxious, guilty, and overwhelmed right now? In this thought-provoking conversation, parenting author Ann Douglas will acknowledge the challenges that we are facing in this moment and invite you and your colleagues to share strategies and solutions for weathering this storm. Expect a conversation that is kind, encouraging, and real and that leaves you feeling anything but alone.

Mitch Fairrais – Leadership Guru

Most companies realize that Innovation is critical for them to grow, and in some cases, to survive. When it comes to Innovation in the current marketplace, there are an overwhelming number of complex models, methodologies, approaches and supposed Gurus. In this powerful keynote, Mitch Fairrais, cuts through it all with some common-sense approaches to Innovation. Mitch will address the simple strategies that Leaders can use to foster a Culture of Innovation. He will also address how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls which can undermine Leaders’ ability to create a Culture of Innovation.

Marc Saltzman – Tech Expert

You could say innovator and meeting facilitator Marc Saltzman is a bit of an expert when it comes to remote presentations and events. He is so good with virtual meeting software Zoom.! Marc speaks on decision making in times of upheaval and getting your whole team on board through the us of technology. He can present webinars and moderate virtual panels on these topics for your team.

Don Drummond – Economist

After a brilliant career as a senior federal finance official and bank chief economist, in which he has been a force in shaping and interpreting the modern Canadian economy, Don Drummond, the former senior federal civil servant and Chief Economist at the TD Bank, is now the Matthews Fellow and Visiting Scholar in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. Drummond has been present at the defining moments of recent Canadian economic history. As a key strategist in the Department of Finance in the 1990s, he helped tame the deficit and debt crises and set the country on the road to substantive tax reform. He is available for pre-recorded keynotes, live keynotes, and webinars.